December 2010

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YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley celebrates 105 years of serving the community!

We Are Full of Gratitude

Thanks to generous gifts from friends like you, we served 1,182 Pasadena area community members in the last fiscal year (ending June 30, 2010). Our emphasis is on low-income communities, women, youth, and minorities. With your continued support, the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley will continue to expand our programs enabling our youth to develop physically and emotionally healthy lifestyles. 

Our participants are predominantly socioeconomically disadvantaged Latina and African-American girls ages 9 to 17. At least 80% of them live at or below the federal poverty level and face a number of challenges including:

  • Gangs and Violence: Pasadena school-based deputy probation officers have noted a dramatic increase in the number of females who are joining gangs and involved in violence.
  • Teen Pregnancy: A 2009 international study showed that the U.S. teenage pregnancy rate was at least four times the rate in France, Germany, and Japan.
  • Struggles with Body Image: Females account for 90% of eating disorders, which substantially affect young women of color.

The YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley believes that when our community's young women are given relevant and exciting activities to be involved in, they are empowered to rise above these challenges and make healthy decisions that exclude them from these statistics. Our youth programs offer vital support, mentoring and education, in a safe and fun environment for girls:

  • Culture Shock: Empowers a diverse group of students with the awareness, knowledge and skills they need to promote respect and improve human relations in their communities.
  • Girls Empowerment Summer Camp: Provides elementary and middle school girls with an opportunity to build self-esteem, participate in leadership activities, and improve social skills. 
  • Just For Girls: An afterschool program that gives participants the tools needed to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially throughout the school year. In addition to the YWCA facility, JFG groups are currently offered at four Pasadena Unified Schools. 
  • TechGyrls: Strengthens girls’ interest and competency in technology and engineering by providing technology education in a supportive, all-girl environment. These girls utilize new skills to create business plans, budgets, and marketing materials.

We are excited about the ways that our youth programs empower at-risk girls in the San Gabriel Valley to believe in themselves and reach their full potential, and hope you are as well. Committed to our mission of “eliminating racism and empowering women,” the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley has continued to meet the ever-changing needs of our community for 105 years.

To maintain the good work we are doing, we depend on the generosity and advocacy of our supporters. We hope that you will choose to show your support by sending your contribution today, or donating online at

Thank you for believing in us!

Tamika Farr                                                              Paula Stamp
Executive Director                                                     Board of Directors President


YWCA “Just For Girls” 2010 Holiday Party Wish List

The YWCA's annual Holiday Party for our program participants is coming up!  In order to make the party a success we need your help.   Our wish is to provide each girl a gift card to one of her favorite places.  This is a real treat for most of our girls whose families struggle during the holidays.

In addition, we provide a catered meal for the girls.  Any support towards this meal would be much appreciated.

Needs we still have:

  • Bath and Body Works- Shower gel/Lotion/Spray combo
  • Victoria Secrets-Shower gel/Lotion/Spray combo
  • Catered Food for 30
  • Dessert for 30

Please contact Denise Ramos at 626-296-8433 if you would like to provide something for our Holiday Party.

Thank you for any help you can provide! 

YWCA Greeting Cards Available
Purchase YWCA cards to write your holiday greetings

History of the YWCA Greeting Card
In 1972, Norma Chaun sketched this picture that has subsequently become an in-house favorite to many YWCA women.  The "Two Girls" cards have been hard to come by in the last years but are now available!

A pack of 10 cards and envelopes are priced at $12 if picked up at the YWCA facility and $15 if mailed.  The YWCA is located at 1200 North Fair Oaks, Pasadena - inside the Fair Oaks Business Park.

To place an order, call Ashley Phillips at 626-296-8433.


Get Up and Moving
On Nov. 3, YWCA staff and sponosors walked the Rose Bowl with Mayor Bill Bogaard.

YWCA Executive Director, Tamika Farr and Mayor Bogaard


Empowerment Exemplified
We were thrilled to honor Phyllis Currie as our most recent Woman of Excellence on November 11 at the La Casita del Arroyo Clubhouse
City Manager, Michael Beck; YWCA Board President, Paula Stamp; General Manager of PWP, Phyllis Currie; YWCA Executive Director Tamika Farr and Fire Chief Dennis Downs

On November 11, 2010, the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley honored Phyllis Currie as the final woman in our 2010 Women of Excellence Leadership Speaker Series.  Phyllis spoke with candor about her career path and the wisdom she has learned throughout her years of leadership.

During a time for question and answer, Phyllis answered questions about work and life balance with the memorable statement, “Always remember, there was someone in your job before you and there will be someone in your job after you, but to your spouse, family and friends there will only ever be one you!” Describing the importance of the event, Tamika Farr, Executive Director, states “The YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley’s goal is to empower young girls to become empowered women and hearing Phyllis speak so openly and thoughtfully about her journey will ideally encourage someone to fight for their dreams.” 

The November 11th event, sponsored by Glendale Memorial Hospital, US Bank and the City of Pasadena, raised funds for the YWCA's programs including "Just for Girls," Summer Empowerment Camp, TechGyrls, Parenting and other programs for girls and women. 

Photos courtesy of June Korea Photography.

We Can Not Thank You Enough!
 Thank you to the following for supporting the YWCA Pasadena in the past quarter, September through November. 

Carolyn Adrian
All Saints Church
Tom & Jane Apostol
Sally Asmindson
Valerie Babinski-Manlic
Sandra Bane
Suzanne Berberian
Michael Berwanger
Barbara Bigby
Julie Blackshaw
Richard Bloom
Claire & Bill Bogaard
Berlinda Brown
Joe Brown
Judith Brown
Jacqueline Broxton
Helen Budd
Diana Burks-Goodman
Jo Anne Burr
Cabrera Capital Markets
Elizabeth Calleton
Marie Cantor
Virginia & John Carr
Susan Carrier
Mary Cavena
Flintridge Center
Margaret Leong Checca
Joan Chin
City of Pasadena
Bette Cooke
Renatta Cooper
Jacqui Corby
Phyllis Currie
June Davidson
Johari DeWitt-Rogers
Door of Hope
Dennis Downs
Marianne Dryden
Nona Edelen
Rita Elshout
Ann Erdman
James & Tamika Farr
Jean Fleming
Dana Gaffery
Nancy Garin
Trinidad Gazierlo
Beth Gertmenian
Sharon Girdner
Jerry Givens
Eva Goetz
Wendy Gordon
Edith Grady
Andy Green
Sandra Burton Greenstein

Julie Gutierrez
Carolyn Hancock
Catherine Haskett-Hany
Barbara Hayden
Jeanette Henderson
June & Jim Hildebrand
Ida Hitchcock
Betty Ann Jansson
arilyn Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente 
     LA Medical Clinic
Dr. Susan Kane
Jane & Harry Kawahara
Kay Kelley
Renee Krushel
Susan Kujawa
Cynthia Kurtz
Bethany Leal
Kathie Lester
Senator Carol Liu
Barbara Madden
Madeline Mark
Sharon Marsh
Dorothy Martin
Michelle Mayer
Alyce McCarroll
Jacqui  McCombs
Susan McDonnell
Kathryn McKnight
Rebecca Medina
Greg Millikan
Inman & Nellie Moore
April Moreno
Rita Moreno
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
mie Morris
Jim Morris
Reginia Moses
Molly Munger
Dona & Hartmut Munker
Judge Dorothy Nelson
Francisca Neumann  
Mary Lois Nevins
Eddie Newman
Marge Nichols
Katheryn Nielsen
Laura Norris
James Okasaki
Stacie Olivares-Howard    
Sarah Orth
Toby Osos
Ramon Pack III

Pasadena City College

PCL Construction
      Services, Inc.
Carol Pearson
Lupe Perez
Diane Quan
Maria Ragasa
Timothy Reimers
Charlotte Reith
Gloria Reynolds
Phlunte Riddle
Jeanne Roach
Martha Robles
Kathleen Rodarte
Juliann Rooke
Miriam Sacks
Heather Sanderson
Betty Sandford
Charon Sandoval
Anne Schimmel
Howard Schow
Yemessratch Schwartz
Margaret Sedenquist
Teresa Lamb Simpson
Peggy Sisson
Smart and Final
Nancy Smiley
Barbara Smith
Patsy Smith
Rita Speck
Paula Stamp
Jeff Stein
Tournament of 
     Roses Foundation
Stephanie Townes
Andrea Townsend
Carmen Vargas
Patricia Vick
Linda Wah
Rodney Walker
Wendy Wang
Shelia Ward
Christopher Ware
Nadine Washington
Wells Fargo Foundation
Madeline West
Michelle White
Lisa Wilson
Karen Wingard
Anne Wolf
Rev. Lois Woodard


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Your contribution allows us to continue to offer our community:

  • Just For Girls enrichment and development program for the school-aged young women of Pasadena
  • Racial Justice work in our community
  • Community Building efforts through public dialogue and our program initiatives
  • Ensuring that women from all walks of life have a voice in our city, region and nation

Your generosity ensures that we cultivate the next entrepreneur, the next engineer, the next scientist or the next U.S. Speaker of the House!


Push to Pass the DREAM Act

President Obama has made it clear: He wants Congress to deliver the DREAM Act to his desk before the year is out.

This important step forward on immigration reform would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented youth willing to work for a college degree or serve in our armed forces -- people who are Americans in every way but their legal status.

We all know that not everyone in Congress agrees on comprehensive immigration reform.
But that is exactly why we must move forward now in areas where there is broad support across the board.

This issue is too important for Congress not to act -- especially when 70 percent of voters support passing the DREAM Act and giving these hardworking youth a path forward.

It's a reform rooted in basic fairness.

Americans do not believe in punishing innocent children for their parents' actions. We believe in rewarding the folks who work hard to get an education; we believe in honoring the people who make great sacrifices to serve their country.

These are principles we take pride in -- principles that have made this nation great. And these are principles we need to stand up for today.

Add your name to the sign-on letter and show that we will not stop fighting until the DREAM Act is sent to the President's desk:



A special thank you to our
2010 President's Circle Donors

Judy Brown
Margaret Leong Checca
Michael Checca
Mike Enomoto
Edith Grady
Concepcion Holguin
Susan Kinney
Barbara Madden
Toby Osos
Lupe Perez
Alison Kate Quan
Theodore Quan
Anne Schimmel
Paula Stamp
Carmen Vargas
Marge Wyatt
Margaret York 


Contact Us To Be Involved

Contact our Executive Director, Tamika Farr, or any of the  links below to find out how to be involved.

  • Volunteer. We are always recruiting women and girls to join a committee or to volunteer in the office. Contact the Program Office.
  • Make a gift of stock, real estate or money. Contact the Development Office.
  • Join the Racial Justice Committee.
    Be a part of the conversation.
    Sandra Davis Houston, Chair.
  • Contribute a brief article to our blog, "What's the Difference?"
    Ashley Phillips, Community Outreach Coordinator.

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