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Parents and/or legal guardians have the option of transferring their children from one suitable child care facility to another. To request a transfer, please complete the form below and submit.
* required information
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Transfer Request
Please be aware that: 1) CCS will process the transfer request within 5 days of your request 2) There must be space available at the new provider’s facility and 3) Your parent fee must be current.
Case Number (Please call our office if you do not know your case number):
First Name:*
Last Name:*
Name of Provider transferring to:*
Provider's address:*
City, State & Zip:*
Provider's telephone number:*
If offered by day care, is transportation needed?: Yes
If transportation is needed please mark the applicable box: Residence to Provider
Providence to Residence
Provider to School
School to Provider
Children Transferring (Please list the names of children being transferred):*
Effective date of transfer:(mm/dd/yyyy)
Please confirm transfer status via:* Internet
U.S. Mail
Alternate Phone:
Address Line 1:*
Address Line 2:
ZIP/Postal Code:
Please be sure to provide us with an e-mail address. Your transfer request confirmation will be sent to your inbox.
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