Evanston/North Shore

Basic Money Management

Basic Money Management for Women, our financial literacy program,  is designed to strengthen the money management skills of low- to moderate-income women by:

  • increasing awareness about fundamental financial matters
  • providing tools to help with budgeting and credit issues
  • enabling participants to gain an understanding of the primary components of financial security
  • providing access to financial opportunities and resources

This education is geared to the needs of women across the life cycle. With this kind of support, those in the process of divorce and/or who are recently single, living in temporary housing or shelter, entering the workforce for the first time and/or single mothers will have the opportunity to live independent, self-sufficient lives.

Completion of the program enables participants to apply for a matching savings program at First Bank & Trust - Evanston.

Providing women with the financial information and tools they need in order to provide for themselves and their children, as well as helping women make informed financial decisions is what Basic Money Management for Women is all about. To find out more about this program, contact Patricia Hunter at 847-864-8445 or email Women's Economic Empowerment Coordinator Patricia Hunter.


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