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April 2016

With your support, we tackle challenging issues: social justice, racism and violence against women. And while we work to enact change with hands-on programs and advocacy, one of the most important things we do is gather people together to learn, to discuss, and most importantly, to act on these issues which affect us all.

With the support of community partners, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and participants, we’re helping broaden awareness at events like March’s International Women’s Day commemoration or the upcoming screening of “In the Game.” We’re providing in-depth education and training at the Domestic Violence Conference in April and the Racial Justice Summit in May, and we’re helping strengthen community by engaging thousands of people at the Stand Against Racism and Race Against Hate.

Thank you for your voice, your commitment, and your generous support which helps us keep the conversation going and helps build stronger families and more equitable communities. Without you, it wouldn’t happen! Thanks for joining us.

Dr. Beth Richie Highlights Intersection of Racial and Gender Justice at International Women’s Day Event

Noted scholar and author Dr. Beth Richie spoke with passion and conviction before 240 guests at the March 8 International Women’s Day commemoration co-sponsored by YWCA Evanston/North Shore, Northwestern University Women's Center, The Woman's Club of Evanston, Frances Willard Historical Association, Evanston Women's History Project, League of Women Voters of Evanston, and the City of Evanston.

Dr. Richie, Professor of African American Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Criminology, Law and Justice at The University of Illinois at Chicago, spoke about how race and social position have influenced women’s experience of violence and incarceration, emphasizing that gender violence can’t be discussed without addressing racism.

You can’t empower women, end gender-based violence, and work toward genuine equality, she emphasized, without also addressing structural racism, a conviction that is core to our mission at YWCA Evanston/North Shore as well!

YWCA Evanston/North Shore sponsors “When Dad Hurts Mom” on April 14

Domestic violence expert and bestselling author Lundy Bancroft will be the lead presenter at a domestic violence conference we’re co-sponsoring on April 14. Learn more here.

Women's Films Series features "In the Game" on April 14

Our film series is designed to increase awareness about critical issues significant to the lives of women and girls and to encourage participants to take action when and if they can.

In The Game is a documentary film directed by Peabody award-winner Maria Finitzo that follows the ups and downs of a girls’ soccer team to reveal the very real obstacles that low-income students confront in their quest for higher education. Set in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, Kelly High School on Chicago’s south side is an inner city public school struggling to provide the basics for their students. The girls face an uneven playing field - or in the case of the girls at Kelly High School, no soccer field at all - little or no support, problems at home, uncertain futures, discrimination, and poverty, but remain undaunted thanks to their teammates and the dedicated mentoring of their coach.

Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Take a Stand Against Racism with us on April 29

What can one person do to eliminate racism? You can take 15 minutes out of your day on Friday, April 29, and participate in YWCA Evanston/North Shore’s annual Stand Against Racism.

In 2015, 100 local organizations in Evanston and Skokie participated in the Stand. Learn more here about how you can participate, either individually or as part of a group.

Join us for "Mirrors and Methods: Tools for Creating Racial Equity" on May 5 and 6

We're hoping to expand the conversation by hosting our first Racial Justice Summit in Evanston on the topic: MIRRORS AND METHODS: Tools for Creating Racial Equity.

We'd love for you to join us for all or part of this two-day event, featuring keynote speakers Dr. Brittney Cooper and Dr. Robin DiAngelo at Garrett Theological Seminary in Evanston. More information about why we're hosting this summit and who it's intended for can be found here.

Find detailed information and bout schedule and REGISTER HERE for our Racial Justice Summit.


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