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  Executive Director 

YWCA La Crosse, a dynamic organization dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all, seeks a skilled Executive Director to forward its mission.

YWCA La Crosse is the Coulee Region’s premier provider of community services, including programming geared to economic empowerment, supportive housing, racial and social justice, and advocacy and mentoring.

Candidates must have a passion for the YWCA La Crosse mission, strong leadership skills and first-hand experience related to the goals inherent in the mission. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent non-profit leadership experience is required. In addition, the candidate must have a track record in branding and promoting an organization, be an empowering and visionary leader, and have a passion for racial and social justice.

YWCA La Crosse is an equal opportunity employer and strategically encourages a diverse workforce. Please send cover letter and resume to YWCAlaxsearch@gmail.com. Application deadline is September 15, 2017.

YWCA La Crosse Executive Director Job Description

The YWCA La Crosse Executive Director is directly responsible to the Board of Directors, working in a team relationship with the President. The Executive Director is the chief executive officer and day to day leader of the organization. Responsible for effective and forward-looking YWCA administration, services, advocacy, and setting the tone of the organization. They have overall responsibility for facilities, programs, human resources, budget, public relations, and volunteers. This person represents YWCA La Crosse in the community. They work in partnership with the Board of Directors to ensure that YWCA La Crosse meets requirements, plans responsibly, works positively with funders, licensing groups, and the community, and works towards the fulfillment of the YWCA La Crosse mission.

Overall Management/Compliance

▪ Assumes the primary responsibility for all of the association’s operations
▪ Ensures that the association meets its corporate, constitutional, and legal responsibilities, and reports to the Board on the status of those requirements
▪ With the Board of Directors, ensures that the association meets national YWCA requirements; participates in state, regional, and national YWCA meetings and shares information with the Board and staff as appropriate
▪ Ensures that YWCA La Crosse meets funder and licensing requirements, maintains documentation, and files reports as required; maintains cooperative working relationships with funders and licensing agencies
▪ Maintains up-to-date knowledge of relevant training, technical assistance, fundraising opportunities, informational resources, and national and regional trends for the YWCA, and routinely informs staff and Board
▪ Establishes systems for safe keeping of agency records, policies and procedures, personnel files, and fiscal documentation
▪ Establishes accountability to develop and execute the strategic plan/organizational goals with support of Board of Directors

Board of Directors

▪ Guides the strategic planning process that is accomplishment based
▪ Ensures the selection of Board members who are committed to the YWCA mission and maintaining the organization’s charitable purpose as well as sustaining financial vitality
▪ Provides regular reports profiling accomplishments
▪ Provides information about major challenges accompanied by solution options
▪ Provides orientation and sustains ongoing interactions that support the Board’s roles of strategic level (long-term) planning, fundraising, accountability for accomplishing plans, and promoting YWCA La Crosse and its mission throughout the community
▪ With the Board President, ensures an environment that stimulates positive interactions among Board members and between Board and staff and that stimulate a wide range of contributions. (e.g.: community relationships, service delivery reputation, and fundraising)

Human Resources

▪ Hires, trains, mentors, supervises, and terminates staff and maintains personnel records
▪ Develops and maintains familiarity with human resources requirements and uses that knowledge in regularly reviewing and updating YWCA La Crosse policies and procedures (including employee handbook)
▪ Holds program directors and employees accountable for their job descriptions, policies and procedures, and assigned tasks
▪ Ensures that all supervisors have adequate resources, training, and support
▪ Ensures that staff appraisals are completed and documented on a regular basis
▪ Recognizes and celebrates successes, and encourages personal renewal/work-life balance
▪ Revises job descriptions and salary ranges as necessary, ensuring compensation is commensurate with market and YWCA La Crosse economic empowerment goals

Public Relations/Networking

▪ Ensures a positive presence and public image for YWCA La Crosse and ensures that YWCA La Crosse carries a significant role in the community and is known for its mission and valuable services
▪ Serves as a confident, articulate, and persuasive advocate for YWCA La Crosse to increase its visibility with private and public human service organizations and associations, advocates, lawmakers, government staff and agencies, the media, funders, and key community representatives
▪ Actively networks with professional colleagues to support issues affecting the well-being of women and minorities
▪ Develops processes for planned communications and events, and an effective “quick response” system for unexpected events
▪ Implements comprehensive marketing and development plans to increase supporters, members, clients, and public knowledge of YWCA La Crosse
▪ Advocates for mission-based public policy change at the local, state, and national levels

Resource Development

▪ Through aggressive fundraising, builds resource development in all of its facets: cultivates foundations, corporate sponsors, and individual sponsors; facilitates the pursuit of diverse grants and contracts; and seeks strategic alliances, partnerships for programs and space, and joint ventures
▪ Assumes a major role in the cultivation and solicitation of individual donors, foundations and corporations, and any capital campaigns initiated by the Board
▪ Assures a consistent revenue stream and builds a reserve for a strong financial future
▪ Works with the Development Committee to develop communication plans and raise funds in support of YWCA La Crosse services and operations

Meeting financial and building obligations

▪ Assumes responsibility for the financial, health, stability, capacity, and planned growth of the association
▪ Monitors all finances, and works closely with the Treasurer and Board to ensure efficient and cost-effective operation
▪ Works with staff to develop annual budgets and ensures budgets are accurate and followed
▪ Establishes accountability for implementation of a fundraising plan, including donor cultivation, annual giving, planned giving, major gifts program and grant objectives
▪ Searches for and oversees the application process for grants which meet set guidelines and goals
▪ Ensures accounts are audited annually, and keeps the Board of Directors informed of YWCA La Crosse’s fiscal position
▪ Assesses financial feasibility of programs and services, as well as new initiatives being considered based on changing community needs and priorities
▪ Authorizes bill payments and negotiates services, contracts, and purchase agreements with government agencies, subcontractors, and any other outside organizations
▪ Handles all financial responsibilities with integrity and in YWCA La Crosse’s best interests
▪ Oversees the use, management, safety, security, insurance, and upkeep of YWCA La Crosse facilities
▪ Assesses YWCA La Crosse’s need for space with Board input, and considers options for meeting those needs


▪ Understands the intersectionality of gender and race in society, has passion for the mission of the YWCA, a desire to fill a unique niche, and a belief that YWCA La Crosse should and could make a difference in changing women’s lives and spearheading racial justice.
▪ Has credibility through superb skills in fiscal programs and business management in an organization with a range of programs and services, multiple sites, broad human diversity, and various socio-economic levels.
▪ Has successful track record in branding and selling an organization with the intent of increasing its recognition, utilization of its services, and understanding of its mission, raising funds, and broadening its advocacy and political agendas.
▪ Has a verifiable track record in major fundraising, especially in areas of personal meetings and solicitation of individual donors, foundations, and corporations.
▪ Is an empowering, visionary leader with the talent to read internal and external pulses and possesses the willingness to take calculated risks in forming innovative, collaborative efforts both within YWCA La Crosse and the communities served.
▪ Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to relate to all levels of staff, Board, children, families, and communities.
▪ Has the ability to inspire and motivate staff, create a dynamic work environment, be decisive yet inclusive, and model and teach a philosophy that encourages integrity, growth, creativity, appropriate autonomy, accountability, and teamwork among staff.
▪ Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.

Location:La Crosse, WI 54603 US View Map
Date Posted:08/22/2017
Date Last Modified:08/22/2017
Start Date:8/22/2017 
Hours per week:Full-time 
Certifications desired: 
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