Women's History Month

Celebrate Women’s History Month with YWCA USA!

This year, the YWCA is coming together to celebrate Women’s History Month. What we’ve done – the work of our movement’s leaders, the accomplishments of our associations – informs and is the foundation for the work we continue to do today.

The YWCA has played a major role in the women’s movement in the United States. Many of our YWCA leaders have led important change and been involved in major historic events, like the March on Washington and the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Now is the time to celebrate their stories!

Join us! Here’s how:

- Do you have a historical story or reflection to share? Submit a blog post to YWCA USA Social Media Manager Katie Stanton at kstanton@ywca.org.

  • Recommended length for blog posts is 300 – 500 words.  
  •  Please include an author, their title and their short (two sentence) bio, as well as an optional headshot; you may include additional photos and videos.

- Visit the YWCA on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to see and share historical photos, video, facts and more.
- Share YWCA USA blog posts written by others through your own social networks, or cross-post them to your website or blog.
- Check out photos, posters and historical documents from the YWCA USA’s archive.
- Visit the YWCA Archives in the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College.

Read More:
- Helen Claytor: A YWCA Leader and Inspiration, by Heather Colletto, YWCA West Central Michigan
- York YWCA: Icons of Black History, by Yvette Davis and Roberta Geidner, YWCA York
- Black History through a White Woman’s Eyes, By Norene G. Ball, YWCA McLean County
- Women at the Forefront of Change: The YWCA One Imperative, Desiree Hoffman, YWCA USA
- Gen. Cadoria is a pioneer of our lifetime, By Kris Kieper, YWCA of Rockford