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"“That I could go to any of the staff at any given time and they were willing to go above and beyond to help me in anyway they could. Thank you everyone for all the help you have given me. You have encouraged me and have helped me become the stronger, independent woman that I am today! Keep up the good work.” -Anonymous Crisis Shelter Client


"You... pushed me, encouraged me, and kept me positive. You took the time to listen to my problems and helped me to find ways to take care of them. If there was anything that I needed or wanted, you...were there for me. Without you, I don't know where I would be. [YWCA Northeast Indiana is] wonderful - thanks for the support and all that you have done for me."-Anonymous Client


"My children and myself are survivors of domestic violence. Because of [my YWCA Northeast Indiana case manager] we have been able to overcome alot of obstacles and felt like someone truly cares. I have been representing myself in court for over 2 years in a case that has been long and very stressful, and [my case manager] has been there for us in the last 9-10 months non-stop when we had no one else and felt like giving up. She not only has gone to court with me and listened to me and given me advice, she has earned the trust of my children an has gone to school and ate lunch with them. When we had no where to live she helped us with info to get into the YWCA shelter. She has helped us with food and basic needs. Above all else she has helped me believe in myself again and keeps telling me that I am a strong woman and I can do anything. I would have given up if not for her." -Anonymous Client


"The most important thing I learned through the YWCA program was that the reasons for my low self-esteem all revolved around his insecurities, and that I didn't’t cause it. His low self-esteem controlled his behavior causing him to want to tear me down to his level. He was insecure about my career and my independent nature. He was jealous of how I could deal with situations better than him – just another reason he had to criticize me and break me down. His need to control me was due to his own inability to get control of his life. Through the YWCA program, I was successful in getting out of this situation for good. I was counseled for a lengthy time prior to getting out of the relationship and, upon leaving the relationship, I continued counseling and then advanced to the Steps To Success program. My case manager was a tremendous help in encouraging me to strive for a better life for me and my kids. I went from constantly being afraid to peace and happiness with myself. I was able to support myself, finish school, and enjoy every day. I spent time learning about me and who I am. I no longer felt like I had to be in a relationship to feel complete." -Anonymous Steps to Success graduate


"From the other side of the ocean, I came to the U.S. through a marriage and I've never imagined that I had to stay in a woman's shelter for several weeks. I would like to say thanks to the staff, two advocates, who helped me a lot during the time I stayed there. I very much appreciate what the YWCA has done for me and I'll never forget the memories which I've had during the time I stayed there." -Anonymous Client


"There is no real way for me to show my appreciation for what has been done for me at this shelter. I was in a vicious cycle of being dependent on everyone but myself. Being here has taught/made me become independent. I haven't been on my own in a long time. I am finally proud of myself again. I am on the right path to make my kids proud of me again and that means the world to me. Most of all, I don't want to waste my life being dependent and depressed. Thanks to the YWCA Shelter, I feel like a new person. I haven't felt good about myself in a long time. Thank you." -Anonymous Client


Share Your Own Success Story!