YWCA is on a Mission


YWCA Northeast Indiana, alongside YWCA USA and more than 220 other YWCAs around the country, launched a brand awareness campaign, meant to reintroduce YWCA, share its life-changing work, and invite people to join us on our mission to empower women and eliminate racism.

“We are thrilled to be part of an international movement that’s mission is to empower women and eliminate racism” Said Debby Beckman, YWCA Northeast Indiana President and CEO. “This campaign is about strengthening our local community, as well as the global community.”

YWCA Is On A Mission

For over 150 years, YWCA has been at the forefront of the most critical social movements — from voting rights and civil rights, to affordable housing and pay equity, to violence prevention and health care reform. But despite important work being done on the ground by more than 220 local associations across the country, not enough people understood the size, impact, or relevance of YWCA.

Today, YWCA is one of the top 25 largest charities in the U.S., according to NonProfit Times, with total revenues of more than $775 million. YWCA helps more than 2 million women and children each year in the U.S., and worldwide, YWCA serves 25 million women and girls in 120 countries. At YWCA Northeast Indiana we:

· Support survivors of domestic violence through our residential and community programs

· Provide prevention education in local schools and organizations

· Assist chemically-dependent homeless women as they work to achieve sobriety

· Offer programs and classes for immigrant and refugee populations

But there is still unmet need. With this brand awareness campaign, we invite the public to join us on a mission, and help even more women, children, and families.

YWCA Northeast Indiana is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen our community. YWCA Northeast Indiana is part of an international movement serving over 2 million in the United States and 25 million worldwide.