Campaign for Dignity

YWCA Northeast Indiana has launched a $3,600,000 Capital Campaign to expand our current facility in order to meet the needs of families in crisis. This expansion will also enhance our community based programs to better serve the Northeast Indiana community. $3,600,000 will provide:

A single facility that would streamline services by co-locating our Crisis Shelter, Hope House division, Community and Education Programs, and our Administrative facilities on one site.

An expanded and renovated Crisis Shelter (increasing from 45 beds to 65 beds) will provide family pods for privacy and security

The ability to expand our continuum of care and support to include women with drug or alcohol abuse issues increasing our Hope House division from 20 to 30 beds.

An expansion from 18,500 sq. feet to 22,220 sq. feet which is a 20% increase in space to serve our community Finally, this expansion will ensure our vision to continue to be a leader in serving women and families in crisis.

We are still in the process of raising funds. If you would like to make a gift please contact Sue Hiatt, at 260-424-4908, or