YWCA La Crosse

Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Chrz

Richard Chrz volunteered with the YWCA of the Coulee Region and the Coulee Region Rapids Swim Team program for four years, putting in 400 hours of his time and talent. The YWCA Coulee Region Rapids Swim Club was a program of the YWCA that was made up of approximately 40 youth both boys and girls ages 5-18.

Richard served as a swim coach. His fun and energetic personality motivated youth to want to come to the program, as well as work hard and practice with good effort for themselves AND for Richard. He taught each of the youth the good life skills of remaining healthy and active. In addition, he has helped them to continue to develop positive self-esteem and self-worth. Richard tried to help each individual discover their highest potential. The smiles on the youth’s faces show evidence that they look up to Richard and enjoy participating in the program. Richard helped each youth develop both short and long term goals. Richard loves the sport of swimming. This is evident by the hard work, time, and effort he put into the sport. His perseverance and passion for swim team demonstrates the lifelong lesson of working hard.

Over the past few years Richard has had health complications but through it all he still committed his time to the youth and the YWCA of the Coulee Region. The YWCA is grateful for the time and commitment that Richard gave to the YWCA Coulee Region Rapids Swim Club. The youth enjoyed the hours that Richard was able to give and they enjoyed the passion that he brought to each practice. Through his struggles with his illness, Richard has continued to be an inspiration to the youth he worked with as well as their parents.