YWCA La Crosse

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon Cullman

YWCA La Crosse would like to honor our long time CASA for Kids volunteer, Sharon Cullman. Sharon is married and has two adult children. She enjoys playing with her two granddaughters, gardening and volunteering. She also serves on the West Salem Food Pantry’s board of directors. Sharon has been a CASA volunteer since May of 2006. Sharon says that she learned about CASA through a newspaper article and because of her love of working with kids, decided to call and get more information. She says that she believes that we are all put on this earth to serve and that is just what she did! She soon after went through the 30-hour CASA training and was assigned her first family.

Sharon says that her time as a CASA volunteer has been “eye-opening” and “very rewarding.”                 

She says that her favorite part was “building that trust relationship with the kids I was assignedto”…and says, “That trust means a lot.” Sharon truly enjoyed her visits with her CASA kids but says that when it came time to submit reports and decide what to include or leave out, it could be a challenge. She also felt that the scheduling conflicts and all of the waiting periods were challenging at times. Sharon enjoyed her time so much as a CASA volunteer that she recruited a friend of hers from church who is now a CASA volunteer as well. Sharon’s advice to new CASA volunteers is to “have an open mind, be non-judgmental and be compassionate.” She also says that the experience does take time, but is very rewarding. Sharon says that the most impactful part about being a CASA volunteer are the important relationships that you build with the kids and the magnitude of the impact you have on the families you work with.

Thank you, Sharon for all of the years of service you gave to our CASA for Kids Program! Your hard work, time and effort made a huge difference in the lives of local children and families. Thank you Sharon for all that you do!