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Racial Equity Training

The YWCA's Racial Equity Training helps participants develop the skills and vocabulary necessary to engage in honest dialogue, in order to understand how systemic racism affects the lives of all who live and work in our communities. Trained facilitators help the group envision what racial equity could look like and identify roles individuals can take to move us, and the systems in which we participate, toward the goal of becoming equitable communities.

Join facilitators Eileen Hogan Heineman and Gloria Woods for our next series in February. You may register for the entire four-part series or choose one or more individual sessions. Each event will be held at the YWCA Evanston/North Shore, 1215 Church St. in Evanston, room 207.

Feb. 17   Communicating Across Differences
How do we successfully engage with others, no matter the differences between us? This class addresses the multiple dimensions of our identities, as well as the skills needed to effectively listen to others' stories and views, and to allow ourselves to be changed.

Feb. 19   Race & Racism
If we are serious about creating racial equity, we need to understand: individual, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic racism and how they operate in our lives. We will look at the legacy of systemic racism over several generations, demonstrating that we are far from being "post-racial".​

Feb. 24   Exploring Privilege and Internalized Racism
Identifying privilege in our lives and in society in general helps us understand how racist messages become internalized by both the dominant culture and those being oppressed. Activities help us look at managing privilege, and ways the internalized messages can be re-shaped.

Feb. 26   Racial Equity: What Does it Look Like and How Do We Get There?
The last class looks at the identifying characteristics of a racially equitable community and/or workplace and strategize about the steps necessary to develop those characteristics. What questions do we need to be raising, every day, everywhere? What action plan will you create for carrying this forward?

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Contact Racial Justice Program Director Eileen Hogan Heineman or call 847-864-8445, ext. 158 if you are interested in learning more.


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