Evanston/North Shore

Stand Against Racism



YWCA Evanston/North Shore Economic Empowerment Educator Fabiola Alfonso stands with Evanston Fire Department Station #2.

These Village of Skokie employees were among the 5,000+ who participated in Stand Against Racism for the first time in Skokie & Niles Township.


In 2015, 100 local organizations (over 10,000 people!) participated in the Stand. Over 20  groups from Northwestern University made an especially large impact!

Does standing together for 15 minutes eliminate racism? Of course not. But it does allow us to see the broad range of people in this community who are committed to working toward that goal. We need each other's support to stay in the struggle, to have the hard conversations, to do the self-assessment necessary to transform ourselves and our community.

Friday, April 29

  • In Skokie from 10:35 - 11:00 am

  • In Evanston from 12:30 - 12:55 pm

Stand Against Racism 2016 Participating Sites:

Evanston (as of 04/27/2016)

Baker Demonstration School
Beacon Academy
Benedictine Sisters of Chicago
Beth Emet Synagogue
Breaking Down Walls (from Vineyard Church)
Chiaravalle Montessori
Child Care Center of Evanston
Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin
District 65

  • Dawes Elementary School
  • Dewey Elementary School
  • Dr. Bessie Rhodes Magnet School 
  • Oakton Elementary School
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Walker Elementary School
  • Evanston Community Foundation
    Evanston Police Department 
    Evanston Public Library
    Evanston Township High School D202
    Family Focus
    First Bank & Trust
    Flying Fish Swim Team
    Grace Lutheran Church
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    The James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy
    Interfaith Action of Evanston
    League of Women Voters of Evanston
    NorthShore University HealthSystem
    Northwestern University 

    Open Communities
    Pope John XXIII School
    Presence St. Francis Hospital
    Reba Place Church
    Rotary International
    Roycemore School
    Solidarity Bridge 
    St. Mark's Episcopal Church
    St. Mary Parish
    St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
    St. Nicholas Parish
    St. Paul's Lutheran Church
    The Cradle
    Unitarian Church of Evanston
    Womencare Counseling
    Women's Ordination Conference
    Youth Job Center
    YWCA Evanston/ North Shore

    Skokie/Niles Township (as of 04/27/2016)

    Edison Elementary School
    Independent Merchants of Downtown Skokie (IMODS)
    Lincolnwood Public Library
    Niles Township High School District 219
    NorthShore University HealthSystem
    Office of State Senator Daniel Biss
    Open Communities
    Skokie Community Fund
    Skokie Human Relations Commission
    Skokie Park District
    Skokie Public Library
    Skokie School District 69
    Skokie School District 73.5 (Meyer, Middleton, and McCracken Schools)
    7900 Block of Tripp 
    Village of Skokie
    YWCA Evanston/ North Shore

    How do YOU stand against racism in your day-to-day life? In what ways do you help your workplace, neighborhood, house of worship, team or family focus on being more equitable? 

    The YWCA invites you to share the ways you’re building a more inclusive, equitable community, and to be intentional about taking a stand against racism.  Here are a few quick things to get you started:

    • Register online for your group to participate in our public Stand Against Racism. Last year, over 10,000 people were part of our visible stand along Ridge and Church in Evanston, and along Oakton, Gross Point and Lawler in Skokie. Please join them this year!
    • If you're not part of a group, come out and stand with us as an individual! (No need to register.) Join us in Evanston along Ridge Avenue and Church Street between 12:30 and 12:55 pm.
    • Brainstorm in your office, congregation, faculty or boardroom, about one or two ways your organization could work together to change the climate of equity and inclusion. How about one of these:
    • Once a week during lunch time, share a “Ted Talk” about some aspect of racial justice and discuss it together.
    • Attend a community meeting about matters of equity (affordable housing, closing the opportunity gap for all students, environmental racism, equitable access to jobs that pay a living wage)
    • Participate in YWCA Let’s Talk @ Lunch or “Reel” Talk programs throughout the community. 
    • Read Friends Disappear, The Battle for Racial Equality in Evanston, by Mary Barr, and find out the history of school de-segregation in Evanston.
    • Read Family Properties; How the Struggle over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America by Beryl Satter. 
    • Learn the statistics about how many students in your community arrive in kindergarten under-prepared, and decide what YOU can do to change that.
    • Encourage creation of jobs for the young people who need to get a foot on the first rung of the employment ladder.
    • Find out where candidates, and elected officials, stand on equity issues. Ask the tough questions, and make sure you get answers!

    We hope that by the time we’re all standing together at the end of April, we will be nurturing a stronger culture of equity in our communities.

    "Our school has been participating in the Stand Against Racism since 2012. This event has become a tradition with our school community, one that everyone looks forward to. Not only does it bring everyone together, but it creates rich discussions and projects around racism and diversity. The event also connects our school to the larger community and is a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in social justice."
    -Becky Crawford, Baker Demonstration School

    Register for the Stand Against Racism today – and be a catalyst for action on your block, in your office, wherever!

    The Stand Against Racism™ is a movement of the YWCA that aims to raise community awareness of the effects of racism on all of us. For more details about the Stand Against Racism, contact Racial Justice Program Co-Director Eileen Heineman at 847-864-8445, x158.


    Learn more, get safe, get involved, empower yourself.