YWCA Evanston/North Shore

Stand Against Racism


Does standing together for 15 minutes eliminate racism? Of course not. But it does allow us to see the broad range of people in this community who are committed to working toward that goal. We need each other's support to stay in the struggle, to have the hard conversations, to do the self-assessment necessary to transform ourselves and our community. 



Last year, 50 local organizations (over 2,000 people!) participated in the Stand. (see photos on our Facebook page).

YWCA Evanston/North Shore

Friday, April 24

The Stand Against Racism™ is a movement of the YWCA that aims to raise community awareness of the effects of racism on all of us. We encourage schools, business, faith groups, civic & community groups, and neighbors to use the month of April to discuss issues of race, attend or plan a program, read up on the issue; then be part of for our public stand on Friday, April 24th. Here's how:

  • Register your site at www.standagainstracism.org.
  • Send an email to us at egarlsmith@ywcaw-ns.org so we can share material, and plan where you will stand on the route.
  • Stand (literally!) against racism with your community on April 24:
    • In Skokie, from 10:25-10:50
    • In Evanston, from 12:30-12:55     

We hope many families, businesses and schools will get talking about racial equity issues TODAY, so you'll be able to say how you're standing against racism by April 24th. Here are some ways you might get started:

For more details about the Evanston Stand Against Racism, contact Emma Garl Smith, Racial Justice Associate at the YWCA Evanston/North Shore at egarlsmith@ywcae-ns.org or 847-864-8445 ext. 168.


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