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Joy Hashimoto, A Woman Unafraid
We are saddened by the passing of Joy T. Hashimoto (1927-2017), a YWCA leader and an inspiration. Born in California to Dr. George Y. and Mary Takeyama, she and her younger brother George had happy childhoods in Los Angeles, and … Continue reading
Lack of Healthcare Limits Women’s Choices
By Caitlin Lowry, Senior Policy Analyst at YWCA USA, with Jessica Pinckney, Government Relations Manager at YWCA USA ***As published in Women’s E-News.*** Like many women and families across the U.S., I was overjoyed when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed. … Continue reading
Bold Mission, Bright Future: Reflecting on the 2017 YWCA USA National Conference
YWCA USA’s recent 2017 National Conference was a busy, inspiring few days filled with advocacy, discussion, and inspiration. From pre-conference sessions and deep-dive workshops, to Capitol Hill Day and the Women of Distinction gala, this year’s conference was a way for … Continue reading
Charleena Lyles: Ableism, Racism, and Gendered Violence
By Alicia Gill, Director of Research and Program Evaluation, YWCA USA This week, a pregnant Charleena Lyles was murdered in front of her four young children by police officers responding to her emergency—she had been burglarized and was likely shaken … Continue reading
Health care repeal bill will put millions at risk & rollback critical gains for women
The Senate’s version of a health care repeal bill has been leaked, and it is just as mean as the House’s. It rolls back critical healthcare gains for women, children, and families that currently exist under the Affordable Care Act … Continue reading
2017 Women of Distinction Awards: Working towards a bold mission, bright future
Starting tomorrow, hundreds of folks from YWCAs across the country will arrive in Washington, D.C., for our 2017 National Conference! Over four days of advocacy work, education, inspiration, and community, we will continue to affirm the strength, courage, and vision … Continue reading
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