Evanston/North Shore

Building Equitable Institutions

YWCA Evanston/North Shore is committed to helping our community understand, challenge, and eliminate racism. In order to effect lasting change, transformation must occur at the systemic level. Building Equitable Institutions (BEI) is designed to guide organizations through the steps necessary to become models of equity, inclusion and racial justice.

Equitable Institutions are flexible, open to change, and skilled at leveraging differences to create an energized and committed staff. They know that when people are valued and included, they are more engaged and committed and the organization reaps positive benefits. Some key hallmarks of an equitable and inclusive organization are:

  • Diverse talent at all levels
  • Fair, equitable and inclusive processes, policies, procedures
  • Demonstrated respect through valuing differences and inclusive behaviors
  • Equity & Inclusion are built into values, strategy and day-to-day work 
The value of being an Equitable Institution

Whether you are a non-profit, small business, or a corporation, studies show that creating a fair and inclusive culture, where everyone matters, benefits everyone by:

  • Enhancing your ability to hire and retain top level talent.
  • Bringing out the best in leaders and their staff
  • Ensuring that all employees are valued, so they contribute and perform at higher levels
  • Creating an environment in which both new ideas and new ways of approaching things are offered by more, and diverse, employees.
  • Fostering a positive organizational reputation and support in community and industry. 
How does Building Equitable Institutions (BEI) support your growth? 

Our team focuses on meeting organizations where they are on the equity and inclusion continuum. Whether you are laying the groundwork, tackling new challenges, or restarting dormant efforts, we can support you. The emphasis of our approach is on culture change, creating an inclusive process involving all voices, and getting tangible outcomes. Our solutions include:

  • assessment and goal setting
  • customized interventions
  • guidance and coaching for internal staff
  • education and workshops
  • ready-to-go toolkits that clients can implement virtually independently

For information about how this process would work for your organization, contact Racial Justice Program Director at 224-420-3295.


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