Evanston/North Shore

Upcoming Racial Justice Offerings

Upcoming RJ offerings

November - December 2017

Nov. 21: Let’s Talk @ Lunch, Skokie Public Library Noon-1:00pm

Nov. 28: “Reel” Talk: “Cracking the Codes” Film & discussion 6:30-8:30pm

Dec 5: Let’s Talk @ Lunch Yo-Fresh Café 1:00-2:00pm

Dec. 8: Workshop: Microaggressions: Intent and Impact

Dec 12: Let’s Talk @ Lunch for City of Evanston Employees

Dec 13: Let’s Talk @ Lunch – Curt’s Café on Central Street

Dec 13: Dear Evanston Racial Justice Book Club

Dec 19: Let’s Talk @ Lunch, Skokie Public Library Noon – 1:00pm


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