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Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week

 The Quincy YWCA will host several events during the week of November 14th-18th in order to raise awareness of homelessness in the community. Here is a list of the events being held:


Canned Food and Toiletry Drive, November 14-18

Location: Quincy University

Students and community members can drop off any canned food or toiletry items in boxes inside of the cafeteria during lunch and dinner. Posters will be made with facts about homelessness and hunger, which will raise awareness of the cause. The items will be donated to food pantries in the community (Madonna House and Quanada).

Service Projects:

Date: All Week

Location: Quanada (Friday 9am-11am), Madonna House (Tuesday12:30pm-3:00pm)

Opportunities will be given for students to sign up for service at any of these locations which need help. Hopefully, there can be a shuttle or coordinated drivers which take the volunteers back and forth.

Scavenger Hunt

Date: All Week

Location: various organizations

Teams of 4 will be given a checklist of resources they must find in the community. The purpose of this task is to build knowledge of the several resources Quincy has to offer. The scavenger hunt will be a competition and the winning team will get $100 in gift cards. They will have the option to choose from many gift cards, or give the $100 back to supply food pantries in the area.

To register your team in the scavenger hunt, click here! Email this form back to Leera@quincy.edu.


1.Teams of four people will locate 3 food pantries, 2 soup kitchens, 4 homeless shelters, and 3 clothing closets, and one supportive housing participating in the scavenger hunt.

2.When arriving at a location, the team must get a password from the organization in order to prove they have been there. Organizations have already been provided their password. If you get there and they have no password, you must keep looking for a participating agency. If you get no password, it means you are turned down for service.

3. The team can split up when going to organizations.

4. The entire form needs to be completed.

5. Teams must turn in form filled with all their passwords to the YWCA office (639 York Street, suit 202) or to Rachel Lee (309) 825-0854 or Leera@quincy.edu to be entered into the grand prize drawing.

 Click HERE for the checklist you must complete!

Day of Prayer/Special Mass

Date: Monday

Location: QU Chapel

The community will be informed that it is a day of prayer for those who are hungry or without a home and they can be invited to pray for those individuals in the chapel (or wherever they feel comfortable). Protestant churches will be asked to say a prayer during their Sunday services.

"Fast" Day

Date: Tuesday

Location: QU Cafeteria/Hawk's Hangout

Students have the option to donate one meal to feed a person who cannot afford a meal. If they decide to fast in order to let another person eat, the exercise will be more effective. However, they can simply pay two meals and donate one to a person who is unable to afford one. The amount collected from each donated meal can be sent to food pantries. Chartwells agreed to donate canned food items for every meal donated.

Faces of Homelessness Panel

Date: Wednesday, 7pm

Location: QU Hall of Fame Room

Many people have negative stereotypes of homeless people; a major one is that they are without home because of their own fault. This panel aims to eliminate many of our stereotypes and educate the Quincy community about those who are homeless within our own community. The YWCA has a few people who are willing to talk about experiences they have had while being homeless.

Overnight "Shantytown"

Date: Thursday, 9pm-8am

Location: Quincy University

This will be a simulation of a whole night living without a home. Boxes will be provided and students will have to make themselves a home out of boxes and sleep overnight. Spending the night in the perspective of a homeless person will hopefully make a deep impact on students. We are adding a soup kitchen simulation. Staff and faculty can participate by serving students their one meal for the night.

To participate in the Shantytown, Register here! Email this form back to Leera@quincy.edu


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