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   The YWCA is partnering with the Y and Girl Scout Troop 5060 in the new program, “A Girl Like Me.” This program will teach fourth grade girls about marketable skills as well as girl’s health issues. It will run twice a month and aims to create healthy behaviors and skills through learning about physical exercise and emphasizing the important of good nutrition and character education. This is a free service the organizations are providing.

            Participants will have the opportunity to learn about fitness through swimming, dancing, yoga, and self-defense. If interested, they may also train to participate in the Y’s Turkey Run. Planned topics for the year are self-esteem, tolerance, diversity, appreciating strengths, relational aggression, and bullying. This program would allow the girls to continue throughout middle school, junior high, and high school with the curriculum changing to stay age appropriate. For more information about the program call Mary at (217) 221-9922 ext. 192.


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