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We are growing

       ·    Membership at the YWCA in 2006 was close
            to 4,000, 70% of those female

       ·    O
ver 1000 people enrolled in classes in 2006 

      we prepare the women
of today
to support the women of tomorrow

Since 1900, the YWCA has opened doors of opportunity to women for growth, leadership and power to change.  Today, over a century later, the YWCA is the largest and oldest women's membership organization in the State of Hawai‘i.  The YWCA O‘ahu is a charter member of the YWCA U.S.A. and is one of more than 300 community associations nationwide that share the mission of empowering women and eliminating racism.  Now, a new core of women are preparing for our future and are committed to reinventing the YWCA for the 21st century so it is relevant to all women as their lives and needs change.

The YWCA offers a unique place - a place where women and girls can build relationships for life and have opportunities to move forward in life and give back to their community.  Three centers at the YWCA, Fernhurst, Kokokahi and Laniākea, provide valuable programs and services that develop women and girls' social, economic, leadership and community building skills.

Economic Advancement for Women

   Helping to ensure that women can support themselves and provide for their families.

Leadership Development
   Offering tools, training and guidance so that women can realize their dreams.  Our members are women who,
   in turn, go on to contribute to their communities and beyond.

Social Development
   Increasing opportunities for community participation through recreation, education, giving and volunteering.

Racial Justice
   Bridging racial and cultural divides in order to realize a peaceful, harmonious and productive community.


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