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wahine moving forward

Wahine Moving Forward

YWCA of O'ahu is partnering with Hawai'i nonprofits to help survivors thrive.

The YWCA of O'ahu is partnering with a group of Hawaii nonprofits for a new program called Wahine Moving Forward. This new program will train volunteer mentors to guide domestic violence survivors toward financial security and independence.

The YWCA is grateful for the ongoing efforts of our partner agencies:

Aloha United Way 
Child and Family Service
Domestic Violence Action Center
Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Parents and Children Together

Economic proficiency -- the ability to earn, save and manage money - is in greater demand in today’s economic climate. When women understand basic financial principles, they are better prepared to handle life’s daily choices, especially in challenging economic times. As a society, we are strengthened when more people are financially stable, knowledgeable about money and risk, and able to save and invest. Society also benefits from engaged business and community leaders. When people come together, sharing different perspectives and offering unique strengths, we are able to find creative solutions to challenging problems.

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Become a Financial Mentor for Domestic Violence Survivors 


Become a Financial Mentor for Domestic Violence Survivors and empower women to take a path to self sufficiency. The YWCA of O'ahu is recruiting financial mentors for our Wahine Moving Forward program. We will provide the training to guide you to use your expertise and experience to help domestic violence survivors gain a strong financial footing. You do not necessarily need to be a financial professional to help.


The program will cover subjects such as economic abuse, budgeting, credit report review, setting financial goals and saving tips.


Featured topics include:

Wahine Moving Forward

  • What is the Wahine Moving Forward program?
  • Who will be the first program participants?
  • What will be the mentor selection process?
  • What will be the role of a mentor?


An Overview of Domestic Violence

Most of the session will be spent on this topic including group discussion & video.


Knowledge is power -- share yours with the program participants and give them the tools to become financially independent. Limited space available for those who are only interested in taking the training. Come and find out how you can make a difference in the lives of women in need.


Please contact Kehaulani Coleman at 695-2603 (press # to skip the long message) or email kcoleman@ywcaoahu.org to find out more about mentoring. 





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