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Fernhurst at a Glance

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Fernhurst at a Glance

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fernhurst at a glance

Fernhurst Residence

Fernhurst Residence is the oldest all-women's transitional residence on O'ahu. Located in Makiki, the YWCA Fernhurst Residence for Women has been a place of shelter, safety, and support for women and children since 1912.
Homebase at the YWCA Fernhurst Residence for Women is a program that offers eligible, economically-disadvantaged women the opportunity to prepare for a transition from challenging life circumstances to permanent housing.

Through Homebase, women and their children are offered a clean and affordable place to live, two daily meals, access to an on-site computer lab, and additional mentoring and learning opportunities in the areas of budgeting, saving, investing, borrowing, career advancement, and life planning. 

A Snapshot of Fernhurst Residence's Success  

In 2011, Fernhurst Residence provided:

  • 8,650 bed-nights of safe shelter.
  • 3,506 subsidized bed-nights through Homebase
  • More than $106,000 in financial subsidies
  • Support for 94% of our residents to achieve at least one self-sufficiency goal
  • A positive difference of 97% of our residence  

For more information, visit our Fernhurst page, or contact Rhonda Jones, our Fernhurst Operations Supervisor, at RJones@ywcaoahu.org.


why the yw?

My Stay at Fernhurst

"I lived at Fernhurst Residence several times during my 33 years in Hawaii. The first time was way back in 1979 when I moved to Honolulu. I have many fond memories of Fernhurst. I'm still friends with the woman who was my room mate in 1979!

Fernhurst was there when I needed a place to say and I've always appreciated that. The last time I was there - must have been about 1995, I got tapped to be a resident adviser. That was so much help to me - I was working full time, but not making enough money to comfortably pay rent and have enough left over to meet other expenses (like food) and have spending money, too. It would really have been cutting it very close. Being a resident advisor helped me save money and finally have enough for a deposit and first month's rent when I moved out. Once I'd moved out, Fernhurst kept me employed as a front-desk clerk on Saturdays until I got promoted into a higher paying job and could afford rent, food and spending money. It was great when I was working there on Saturdays because the money I earned there was enough or food, necessities and a little spending money. The only thing I had to pay out of my full-time paycheck was my rent.

I will always be grateful to the YWCA and Fernhurst Residence. You were there when I needed assistance."

-Jeanne M.


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