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YWCA Rising Stars are a dynamic group of younger professional women nominated by members of the YWCA Academy of Career Women of Achievement to participate in a program designed to provide unique networking, mentoring, and educational opportunities.


The YWCA Rising Star program was created by the members of the YWCA Academy of Career Women of Achievement in 2002.  One of the goals of the Academy is to "lift as we climb" - to support younger women in pursuit of excellence in their careers.  In 2002, the Academy introduced the Rising Star program as a vehicle to recognize and support younger career women who will become our city's future leaders.  By giving the Rising Stars the opportunity to interact and network with career women of diverse backgrounds, this program provides these younger leaders with the opportunity to address topics that will enhance their ability to further their career success.

YWCA Academy and Board members nominate career women age 25-40 as Rising Stars.  Nomination criteria include having the qualities of an outstanding performer and demonstrating a potential to attain marked achievement in her chosen career. Specifically, Rising Stars were identified as younger professional women with proven leadership qualities who would benefit from interaction with Academy members and other Rising Stars.

All Rising Stars are invited to participate in a series of events hosted by the YWCA Academy of Career Women of Achievement.  By design, most of these events are open only to YWCA Academy, Board and other Rising Stars so that they offer the opportunity for close interaction with these distinct groups. 

Roundtable Discussions facilitated by members of the Academy allowed for meaningful discussion of issues facing young career women.  Additional activities, such as a winter panel discussion, are held and Rising Stars are invited to these and other unique opportunities at the YWCA.

In 2006, the YWCA implemented the Rising Star Leadership Program which prepares Rising Stars to serve on Non-profit and Arts Boards in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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