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if the soul of the nation is to be saved,
I believe that you must become its soul.

-Coretta Scott King


The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
Academy of Career Women of Achievement

The YWCA Salute to Career Women of Achievement was established in 1980 to increase community awareness and appreciation of the diverse contributions of women in the work force and in the community. The luncheon has evolved into the YWCA's largest fundraising event, sponsored by 150 companies and organizations each year, with an attendance of over 2,100. All proceeds directly benefit YWCA programs, supporting its mission to eliminate racism and empower women. 

Upwards of 75 women are nominated to be Career Women of Achievement each year. An independent panel of 5 community leaders selects women who exemplify personal career success, dynamic leadership qualities and the unique ability to serve as role models. Former honorees include artists, physicians, educators, executives, politicians, lawyers, human service workers, entrepreneurs, and law enforcement officers.  

The Academy of Career Women of Achievement is comprised of 290 past honorees. Established as a means of fostering interaction among Career Women of Achievement award recipients, the Academy promotes the personal and professional growth of women in Greater Cincinnati and provides leadership and diverse skills to the community.

Each year the Acadmey hosts a fall dinner where those who were selected as Career Women of Achievement in spring are formally inducted into the Academy of Career Women of Achievement. YWCA board members and the newest class of Rising Stars are invited to these dinners, which feature prominent keynote speakers.  A list of former keynote speakers is provided below.

In 2002, the Academy implemented the Rising Star award to recognize our community's "up and coming" leaders.  Academy members are asked to nominate younger women, ages 25-40, who demonstrate leadership ability, have made significant progress in their chosen professions, and would benefit from interaction with Academy members and other Rising Stars.  To help foster this interaction and education, the Rising Stars are invited to the fall Academy dinner after attending a set of roundtable discussions led by Academy members.  In 2007 the program expanded to include a Leadership Program that prepares selected Rising Stars to serve on non-profit and arts boards in the Greater Cincinnati Area. The response to the Rising Star initiative has been overwhelmingly positive and plans for the future growth of the program continue. 

Past Academy Dinner Speakers

  • Lakshmi Sammarco, MD
  • Kathy Beechem, Retired US Bank
  • Gloria Lau, President & CEO, YWCA USA
  • Gina Drosos, Group President-Global P & G Beauty, Procter & Gamble
  • Janet E. Jackson, President & CEO, United Way of Central Ohio
  • Connie Schultz, Columnist & Author, Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Gail Collins, Columnist & Author, New York Times
  • Dr. Suzanne Metzger, President, Corporate Masters
  • Ellen van der Horst, President & CEO, Cincinnati USA Regional Chapter
  • Candace Kendle, Chairman & CEO, Kendle International, Inc.
  • Dr. Nancy Zimpher, President, University of Cincinnati
  • Barbara Lang, President & CEO, Washington, DC Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Janet B. Reid, Principal Partner, Global Lead Management Consulting
  • Charlotte R. Otto, Global External Relations Officer, Procter & Gamble Company
  • Jennette B. Bradley, Ohio Lieutenant Governor
  • Susan Packard, President, Scripps Networks New Ventures
  • Valerie Lemmie, Cincinnati City Manager
  • Claudia Demonte, Curator, Women of the World Art Exhibit
  • Sr. Helen Prejean, Author, Dead Man Walking
  • Nikki Giovanni, Poet
  • Marsha "Marty" Johnson Evans, Girl Scouts National Executive Director
  • Sharon M. Draper, Author & Educator
  • Hope Taft, First Lady of Ohio
  • Dr. Marianne Legato, Director of the Partnership for Health at Columbia University
  • Lynn Martin, Professor, Kellogg School of Management
  • Sarah Buel, nationally recognized domestic violence educator
  • Roxanne Qualls as keynote, with Nikki Giovanni reading poetry and Kathy Wade providing music for ceremony for unveiling of the Academy recognition plaque at YWCA

YWCA Academy of Career Women of Achievement
“She Lifts As She Climbs”

1980 Honorees

Jo-Ann Huff Albers
Mary Bates
Pauline Cohen
Jane Juracek-Reherman
Helga Slessarev
Emily Taylor Spicer
Nell Day Surber
Mozella M. Westmoreland

 1981 Honorees

Elizabeth M. Armstrong
Sheryl J. Bills
Helen I. Glueck
Cheryl D. Grant
Sr. Jean Patrice Harrington
Carol T. Johnson
Bobbie Sterne
Margaret Hogan Wyant

 1982 Honorees

Clarissa Denson Baker
Eula Bingham
India Boyer
Lucille S. Costello
Sr. Grace Marie Hiltz
Linda Bates Parker
Janet Block Rosen
Pauline Strayhorne

 1983 Honorees

Judith S. Bogart
Nikki Giovanni
Deidra Layne Hair
Phyllis Martin
Mary Ann Overholt
Marjorie B. Parham
Phyllis Shapiro Sewell
Eleanor Jane Smith

  1984 Honorees

Sandra S. Beckwith
Cynthia F. Blank
Jane Dotson
Patricia A. Foxx
Verna M. Meyer
Elizabeth Stilz Mills
Myrtis H. Mosley Powell
Marian A. Spencer

  1985 Honorees

Althea D. Day
Deborah A. Disch
Rev. Mary Chotard Doll
Betsey L. Dresser
Eleanor Hicks
Janet M. Makrauer
Lucy O. Oxley
Laura Pulfer

 1986 Honorees

Judith G. Clabes
Karen F. Maier
Rosetta J. Mauldin
Phyllis A. Monsch
Rosa S. Moore
Carol A. Sanger
Jeannette C. Taylor
Sallie E. Westheimer

 1987 Honorees

Sr. Mary Jerome Buchert
Faye Clarke
Louise McCarren Herring
Bea V. Larsen
Melba D. Marsh
Jacqueline C. Neumann
Marnette Perry
Lee Etta Powell

  1988 Honorees

Sheila J. Adams
Sheila Trice Bell
Carol Beyersdorfer
Kathleen Hoard Burlew
Mary M. Kalvin
Doloris F. Learmonth
Donna L. Stahl
Ellen G. van der Horst

1989 Honorees

Nadine Allen
Louise Cuyler Bowen
Kathleen Brown
Janet C. Haartz
Ann Buford Mitchell
Janet B. Reid
Nancy Schellhous
Kathy Wade

1990 Honorees

Kathryn Ann Connelly
Susan Grogan Faller
Deborah K. Gaines
Betti J. Hinton
Juanita Mills
Valerie L. Newell
Harriett Marsh Page
Barbara J. Stonebraker

  1991 Honorees

Deborah Mariner Allsop
Jacqueline P. Butler
Dorothy M. Comassar
Victoria Buyniski Gluckman
Lyla L. Haggard
Schuyler Jeanne Harris
Patricia Smith Sommerkamp
Ann Marie Tracey

 1992 Honorees

Yasmin R. Brown
Linda Tracy Gill
Karen Holley Horrell
Fran Raglin Johnson
Edna Howell Parrish
Karen Malott
Cheryl P. Meadows
Victoria Wells Wulsin

 1993 Honorees

Dale P. Brown
Linda W. Cagnetti
Patricia Hill Collins
Ramona E. Crawford
Norma Holt Davis
Fay Danner Dupuis
Sallie Elliott
Carolyn Fell McCoy
Fannie Tillman Nicholes
Charlotte R. Otto

  1994 Honorees

Marianna Brown Bettman
Mildred A. Curtis
Kathye E. Lewis
Mary Beth Price
Roxanne Qualls
Eileen Cooper Reed
Patricia A. Renick
Sr. Francis Marie Thrailkill

 1995 Honorees

Sr. Myra James Bradley
Marilyn A. Fingerhut
Gloria S. Haffer
Brenda J. Lauderback
Sandra L. Lobert
Mackey McNeill
Lovie L. Ross
Daphne A. Sloan

    1996 Honorees

Susan J. Dlott
Angelita Jones
Ginger Kent
Cecilia Kuzma
Elizabeth Lanier
Patricia Deanna Skees
Gloria Thomas
Gwendolyn Walton

  1997 Honorees

Dhana Bradley-Morton
Nancy Heffner Donovan
Sharon M. Draper
Urmila Ghia
M. Julia Hanser
Karen L. Hendricks
Christine Horner-Taylor
Lois Rosenthal

 1998 Honorees

S. Kay Geiger
Barbara K. Gibbs
Camille Graham
Bert M. Huff
Cindy Combs Johns
Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney
Candace K. Kendle
Sharon J. Zealey

  1999 Honorees

Cynthia O. Booth
Sr. Rose Ann Fleming
M. Denise Kuprionis
M. Aurora Lambert
Dolores J. Lindsay
Lynn Marmer
Carolyn L. Mazloomi
Patricia Mann Smitson

  2000 Honorees

Susan E. Arnold
Barbara J. Bonifas
Stephanie Byrd
Kathleen C. Daly
Yvonne L. Gray
Ann Kearney-Cooke
Mary McCullough-Hudson
Linda E. Noble

 2001 Honorees

Mary Asbury
Karen Bankston
Rosa E. Blackwell
Dianne Dunkelman
Gail T. King
Karen Licitra
D. Lynn Meyers
Gretchen W. Price

  2002 Honorees

Kathy Beechem
Lisa J. FitzGibbon
Deb Henretta
Karla Irvine
Vivian Llambi
Kimya Moyo
Gwen L. Robinson
Dorine R. Seaquist

 2003 Honorees

Lorraine A. Bolsinger
Roberta Campbell Bradford
Cheryl N. Campbell
Delores Hargrove-Young
Karen Meisel Hoguet
Valerie A. Lemmie
Judith B. Van Ginkel
Cleaster Whitehurst-Mims

  2004 Honorees

Yvette Casey-Hunter, M.D.
Diane Dewbrey
Renée B. Dunn
Anita J. Ellis
Amy L. Hanson
Jane E. Henney, M.D.
Sharon D. Johnson
Nancy Lusk Zimpher, Ph.D.

2005 Honorees

Awatef Hamed, Ph.D.
Jakki L. Haussler, Esq., CPA
Katy Hollister, J.D., CPA
Kathryn E. Merchant
Sharon D. Mitchell
Denise D. Porter
Jeanne Rosario
Annie Ruth

2006 Honorees

Patty Beggs
Margaret Buchanan
Leigh Prop
Donna Speigel
Donna Jones Stanley
Barbara Turner
Felicia Williams
Nora Zorich

2007 Honorees

Rebecca Bechhold
Ann Crable
Michelle DeJonge
Melanie Healey
Tillie Hidalgo Lima
Adrienne C. James
Sara Peller
Janice B. Walker

2008 Honorees

Laura Brunner
Gina Drosos
Crystal L. Faulkner
Uma Kotagal
Sandra Meyer
Celine Piri
Monica Posey
Maribeth Rahe

2009 Honorees 

Karen Carnahan
Susan Croushore
Delores Epps
Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh
Chandra Gravely, MD
Jill McGruder
Victoria Morgan
Marilyn Shazor

2010 Honorees

Beverly A. Grant
Julie S. Janson
Diane Jordan-Grizzard
Jean Lydon-Rodgers
Tonya M. Matthews, PhD
Terri L. Roth, PhD
Hon. Julia A. Stautberg
Gail W. Wells, EdD

2011 Honorees

Susan G. Branscome
Robin Hirsch Everhart
Noreen J. Hayes
Kathleen Kelly
Lee Ann Liska
Monica L. Newby, D.D.S.
Valarie L. Sheppard
Judith Warren, MPH 

2012 Honorees

Linda W. Clement-Holmes
Pamela Coleman-Brailsford
Kimber L. Fender
Cheryl L. Hoying, PhD, RN
Jill P. Meyer
Peg Moertl
Maria P. Ortega
Kathleen Broderick Selker

2013 Honorees

Kathleen S. Barclay
Saba Atiq Chughtai, MD
Alandes Eure-Powell
Tamara Harkavy
Heidi B. Jark
Crystal Kendrick
Deborah Platt Majoras
Mary Miller

2014 Honorees

Nancy A. Barone, EdD,MSN
Joan M. Lewis
Sukanya R. Madlinger
Monica J. Mitchell, PhD
Catherine Roma, DMA
Mary A. Ronan
Yvette R. Simpson, Esq
Teresa J. Tanner

2015 Honorees

Andrea Ayers
Kelley J. Downing
Sally C. Gutierrez
Michelle Hawkins
Candace S. McGraw
Liza D. Smitherman
Lori J. Stark, PhD
Carolyn M. Tastad



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