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 "It made me feel better about myself and what I can do.  Any girl who was or will be lucky enough to come
to this camp will be amazed at how much better you will feel about your abilities
and it will help higher your self-esteem."
(Libby, Age 13)


Building Strong Girls

Rosie’s Girls® Program is a unique summer program for 11-13 year old girls designed to introduce girls to STEM related careers and build self-esteem, physical confidence, interpersonal cooperation and leadership skills through learning and applying basic skills in carpentry and other technical trades.

The program gets its name from the fictional character "Rosie the Riveter" who symbolized the emerging strength and power of women who went to work in the defense plants while men were fighting World War II. Rosie has inspired generations of women to take the path less traveled and to do it with courage and conviction.

The 2015 YWCA camp session will run on weekdays from 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. from July 6 - July 24 at Holmes High School, Covington, KY.

Who can be a YWCA Rosie's Girl?

Participants are girls entering 6th-8th grades and ranging in age from 11-13 years.

What happens at YWCA Rosie's Girls?


The girls begin by learning basic skills such as hammering and sawing. The skills are applied in both take-home projects and in projects designed to meet an identified community need. For example, participants make and keep their own toolboxes and build a project as a group to donate to a local community service organization.

Other Trades:

Rosie’s Girls® programs expose participants to a variety of other technical trades fields which might include:

  • welding
  • plumbing
  • tiling  
  • electrical wiring
  • engineering
  • architecture
  • surveying
  • interior painting
  • computer technology 

  • A Girls’ World:

    These are activities designed to help girls understand - and respond to - the messages girls and women receive about how they should act, what they should look like and what they can become. Some examples include:

  • Media Collage:  An activity designed to help girls look critically at the portrayal of women in the media.
  • Mentor Presentations: Women who have chosen non-traditional occupations speak about their careers and the challenges and opportunities they have faced.
  • What are the Outcomes of YWCA Rosie's Girls?

    Rosie’s Girls program goals: 
    • expand math and science skills
    • strengthen girls’ voices; to develop a broader sense of self and capabilities
    • encourage participants (and adults in their lives) to challenge the expectations our society has for girls and women
    • consider careers in non-traditional fields


    What Participants and Their Parents Have To Say
    Additionally, parents indicated that their daughter’s participation in the camp changed their relationship by increasing communication and connection. 100% of participants and parents reported that they discussed what they learned at camp, and 83% of campers reported that they shared a lot with their family members. Here's what else parents have said about the impact of the camp on their daughter's lives:

    • "She seemed happier and had a more positive attitude."
    • "She is showing improved signs of responsible independence."
    • "Increased communication with me about her hopes and dreams."
    • "She looked forward to going and never wanted to be late."

    Now and Tomorrow

    The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) partner to bring Rosie's Girls® to Greater Cincinnati.  Camp sessions run for 3-weeks on weekdays in July from 8:45 am - 3:00 pm at Holmes High School, Covington, KY

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