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 World Medal Winning Documentary

Batterers Will Kill©

New York Festivals' Silver World Medal Winner, Batterers Will Kill©, is a moving and compelling documentary produced by the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati.  This powerful documentary educates the public, police, courts and social service providers about warning signs of domestic violence homicide.  It reveals the horror of intimate partner violence as it exposes the devastating impact violence has on families.

Intimate partner homicide is a far too common outcome of domestic violence. Often the warning signs are unknown, ignored, or not taken seriously. This gripping new video, Batterers Will Kill, was created to help both domestic violence survivors and a broad range of service providers about lethality indicators and to help prevent intimate partner homicide. Through the stories of three families devastated by homicide, this program highlights the warning signs and abuse that can escalate to murder. These warning signs include:

  • Controlling behaviors
  • Emotional and physical abuse
  • Separation violence
  • Pet abuse
  • Ownership
  • Threats to kill
  • Access to weapons

The stories of these three families reveal the horror of domestic violence and the devastating impact it has on children and other family members.

Batterers Will Kill also includes an interview with a convicted murderer who met his wife while on duty in the military. His disturbing testimony reveals how he viewed his relationship with his wife, why he says he killed her and the permanent effect it has had on his young son. Professionals in this video emphasize the importance of recognizing the warning signs of intimate partner violence, reinforce the need for safety planning, and explain how a comprehensive community response to domestic violence can help reduce these murders. This compelling video will help victims of abuse, social service providers, health care professionals, clergy, law enforcement, and other professionals recognize the warning signs that exist prior to the occurrence of homicide.

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This documentary is underwritten by Hamilton County and produced in association with Bright Light Visual Communications.

*Running time 00:23:56

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