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YWTeen Program Overview

The YWCA YWTeen Program offers fifth and sixth grade girls within the Coastal Bend community the opportunity to make a change that will lead them away from negativity and point them in the direction of a more constructive path of success. This program emphasizes psychosocial skills rather than strictly educational and/or arts and crafts programs and assist girls in developing healthy lifestyles so they can achieve their full potential as productive, self-sufficient adults. 

These girls are presented with a parade of negative obstacles, which can easily factor into violence and juvenile crime. Preventive in nature, this program breaks the cycle of despair through activities that create strong, healthy self-images and build the much needed skills to overcome socioeconomic disadvantages. The result is confident girls, making appropriate, constructive decisions that will shape their lives as future citizens and leaders of our Coastal Bend community.

YWTeen Group Sessions are conducted weekly throughout the school year for participants at their schools.  The curriculum focuses on self-awareness, communication, decision-making, group interaction, manners and etiquette, maintaining a healthy body, leadership development, community service, peer pressure and socialization. The program also offers two Saturday sessions each month, which are two hours of character-building activities that immerse the girls in all of the program focuses, including having fun! The Saturday session include a variety of activities intended to compliment and enhance the skills learned during the weekly group sessions. For example, the community-wide swim parties allow the girls to utilize communication skills and broaden their acquaintances by meeting and interacting with other girls throughout the community. 

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