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Dear Friends,

Your generosity is the safety net for the people of our community. I see your contributions everywhere I turn. You inspire me to be more generous. But what a challenge we face in deciding where to give our time, talent and treasure. There are so many needs. Through my life, I’ve worked in programs serving people’s basic needs and in prevention. My heart is in prevention for several reasons. It prepares our youth for self-sufficiency and keeps them out of the desperate scramble for basic needs. And we all know that preventing severe social problems is much more effective and less expensive than remediating these problems later.

The YWCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded by the generous donations of friends like you. Your support makes our mission possible! You can also make a difference in the lives that follow by leaving a gift to the YWCA. Make a simple directive in your estate plan or designate the YWCA as a beneficiary of your will and you create a better future for generations to come. A recent bequest to the YWCA (and many other non-profits) gave me insight into the values of this donor. As I read the list of recipients, I realized what a difference each of us can make. Thank you for making the YWCA Corpus Christi a part of what you do to improve life for our community!

Nancy Wesson-Dodd,
President / CEO


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