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The YWCA Duluth is built on a legacy of bold, visionary, cutting edge leadership. We have been working for 119 years to empower women and girls and eliminate racism. Our work is far from done.

Throughout the years, the leadership and programs at the YWCA in Duluth have been designed to meet the changing needs of the community. In 1893 when the YWCA was organized in Duluth, women were coming here from farms and the Iron Range looking for work. Women in Duluth were concerned about the safety of these young women. In response, they decided to build a facility that would provide a safe place for women. The original YWCA building opened in 1908 and it provided young women with housing, job skills training and a cafeteria.

Women’s safety, housing and jobs that pay a living wage are still issues that the YWCA is involved in 119 years later. Providing child care and after school youth programs are additional ways in which the YWCA currently supports working families and provides opportunities for economic advancement for women.

The YWCA Duluth is here for the long haul. We believe, like the founding mothers did 119 years ago, that we can change history.   We will continue to speak out. We will continue to provide quality programs. We will be a catalyst for change. 


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Celebrate Women's History Month

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 YWCA is dedicated to the elimination of racism,
empowering women and
promoting peace , justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

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