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Dialogue on Race


Paulette Senior

Interim Director of Racial and Social Justices

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The Dialogue on Race is a unique opportunity for women and men of diverse cultures to speak frankly and safely about racial issues while learning from each other about the repercussions of prejudice and institutional racism.

Dialogue is collaborative—two or more sides work together toward common understanding and have the goal of finding common ground. The sessions are not debates where the goal of each side is to prove the other wrong. The facilitators and participants have a real concern for each other and work under ground rules of honesty, respect, attentive listening, and voicing of fears and feelings grounded in personal experience.


The YWCA’s Dialogue on Race originated in 1968 with the Living Room Dialogues—a groundbreaking program for women of different races to meet in one another’s homes for frank discussions about prejudice.

Today’s Dialogue on Race brings together men and women of diverse cultures to speak honestly and safely about institutional racism. In the past 13 years, more than 1,000 individuals have participated in the six-week Dialogue on Race.
All Dialogues are conducted by trained volunteer facilitators. The program has drawn national attention. We have presented the Dialogue on Race at regional and national YWCA conferences and have conducted intensive trainings for YWCAs in Fort Worth and Tarrant County; and Wenatchee, Washington. These YWCAs are now making the Dialogue on Race a key element in their racial justice work.




You are invited to participate in the Dialogue on Race series for the following reasons:


  • Racism is a community problem, not just a black problem.
  • Dialogue is a focused kind of communication that allows us to explore the role of institutional power in order to lead to intelligent action.
  • Individual power to act inside the institutions of your own community can be discovered through the dialogue process.


As we know, talk is action. The YWCA is sponsoring this Dialogue as part of our mission to eliminate racism. We have more than 30 years’ experience with the dialogue process.


Confident that your input will be valuable, we look forward to your active participation. Please take advantage of this opportunity to experience and share in the thoughts and ideas of others in our community, as well as to advance your own understanding of the issues of race.


Attendance is limited to 15 persons per session. You will be expected to attend at least five of the six sessions.

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