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What can we do as a community?

Everyone in the community is affected by domestic/intimate partner violence. Medical costs, lost work days, violence in our schools and workplaces are all ways in which domestic violence spills out into our community. We can all play a part in stopping it:

  • Men must speak out against violence against women and children. Domestic/intimate partner violence is not a "women's" issue. Only when men begin confronting other men about their violence will the tide begin to turn.
  • Eliminate sexism, racism, homophobia, and other types of prejudice. Violence grows in an environment where some people are seen as less worthy of respect and dignity.
  • Support efforts to stop bullying in schools.
  • Teach our sons and daughters non-violent methods of resolving conflict.
  • Make our own intimate relationships truly equal, respectful, loving, and supportive.
  • Do not buy or patronize movies, video games, musical acts, and television programs that portray and encourage violence.
  • Support local programs that shelter and assist victims.
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