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"We…the People"


To promote justice and enhance appreciation of diversity through training, dialogue, advocacy, collaboration, and other activities.

In 1970, the acceptance of the 'One Imperative: to "thrust our collective power toward the elimination of racism by any means necessary," in addition to the Purpose and Mission of the YWCA of the USA, an impetus was provided for our El Paso YWCA to continue with and expand extensive and purposeful work in the area of Racial Justice. Since this time, the Racial Justice Initiative has worked tirelessly to provide the El Paso del Norte Region with the tools necessary to eliminate racism.

The YWCA is proud to offer an in-house published curriculum of over 150 modules available for facilitation. These modules are tailored to the needs of our audience, taking into consideration issues such as age range (pre-school age children to adulthood) to organization type (private business to non-profit organizations).

The Racial Justice Institute also promotes our mission through the availability of activities, books, and films; the coordination of multi-cultural events; participation in cultural heritage and anti-hate events; and training of staff and community Racial Justice facilitators. Program elements in the curriculum are based on foundations of personal beliefs, life experiences, diversity awareness, cultural understanding, cross-cultural communication, and change agent behaviors.

The primary program elements of the "We...the People" Initiative are the: 

Racial Justice Core Values.

Training Available

Become a Racial Justice Facilitator

Racial Justice Core Values

The primary program elements of the "We...the People" Initiative are the Racial Justice Core Values of:
• Respect
• Acceptance
• Understanding
• Appreciation

Program Objectives:

• Identify and Challenge Racial Biases
• Encourage Unlearning of Racism
• Motivate Racial Understanding
• Enhance Racial Acceptance and Appreciation
• Inspire Building of Diverse Relationships
• Foster Justice
• Eliminate Hate





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