YWCA Bucks County

  Our Mission

  YWCA Bucks County is dedicated to eliminating racism,  empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. 

2015 Members

Patricia L. Bachtle
Deborah Bacon
Sue Barrett 
Sandy Blitzstein
Mr. and Mrs. G. Brindisi
Kristin Chapin
Pamela Chivis Joynes
Anne Coe
JoAnn E. Connelly 
Tammie Cottom
Erika W. Cunningham
Donna DeCaul
Dr. Louis F. Floge, Jr.
Karen Forbes
Georgeann R. Fusco
William Gaboda
Rita Geddes
Felicity Hanks
Tammy Hudson
Rowayda Jaaf
Kathy Jordan
Dorothy Judd
Pamela Lee
Lolly Marchant - Lifetime Member
John Maziarz
Dr. Marylou K. McHugh
Sharon Nelson
 Liz Owings Marcelis
Donna M. Patti
Carolyn Per
Jennie Philip
Patricia Rooney
Carolyn Roseberry
Gwen Scott-Hodges
Robin Schleifer Weiss
Lorraine Sikora
Stephanie Sikora
Mary K. Smithson
Subrenie Thomas-Smith
Carla Stinnette-Miller
Tracey Sumler
Senator Tommy Tomlinson
Linda Vataha - Lifetime Member
Linda Wisneiwski
Cara Washington
Jack Young 
Tiffany-Renee Young
Qipan Zhang 

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