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Educational, prevention and life skills programming for youth and teens is a critical component of services provided by the YWCA.  At the core of YWCA Youth Services is the desire to advance the self-concept of its program participants and provide youth with the tools, skills, and opportunities needed to be successful in school and life.



2-Excel - 2-Excel is an afterschool program designed for middle and high school students where participants have the opportunity to relax, use resources, study for tests, get academic help, complete school assignments, participate in enrichment activities and take responsibility for their own learning with the guidance and support of peers and actively-engaged adults.



Early Academic Intervention Program (EAIP) – EAIP is an afterschool mentoring program for first grade students who are identified by their classroom teacher as being in need of additional academic support.  The YWCA recruits, trains, and supervises high school mentors that help these first-graders with their schoolwork.



Email Authors – Email Authors is an afterschool program designed to introduce elementary students to the technical and creative aspects of the writing process.  Students are paired with an adult mentor that they will communicate with via email through each stage of the writing process.  The final product is a book that students create, write and illustrate with support from their mentor and staff.



Homework ZoneHomework Zone provides elementary school students with afterschool activities that include academic enrichment, prevention education, and life-skills training.  Individualized homework assistance is provided for the students along with the opportunity to learn study skills, study for tests, review class notes, and develop higher level thinking skills in language arts and math.



Lunch and Library – Lunch and Library programs provide children ages 0-18 with a healthy lunch from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Nutritional Development Program, age-appropriate literacy activities, and arts and crafts. This program operates for a six-to nine-week period at our YWCA Family Centers during the months of June, July and August.



Kids Korner – Kids Korner  provides a structured atmosphere for children ages four and five to learn and grow.  Kids Korner helps students to develop their language skills and teaches them to interact with their peers and adults..  The YWCA utilizes the Blueprints for Early Literacy curriculum which teaches to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Early Childhood Education.



Prevention Services – Prevention education is offered to participants in YWCA youth programs to help them build a healthy self-image, resolve conflicts peacefully, make healthy decisions and prevent delinquent behaviors. Evidence-based programs delivered include Positive Action, Second Step, Girls Circle, Girl Power and Peacemakers.



Saturday Camp – Saturday Camp provides elementary school students at our YWCA Creekside Family Center with the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational, recreational, and cultural activities on Saturdays throughout the academic year. 



Racial Justice – YWCA Bucks County promotes the celebration of diversity in all of its youth programs.  Racial Justice programs encourage students from all cultures to explore race together and come away with a new appreciation and value of diversity. Programs that help promote our mission of eliminating racism include Reading to End RacismPlanting the Seeds of Peace, and What’s Wrong with Different, a National Hallmark Program of the YWCA USA.  



Story Hour – Story Hour provides children, ages birth through five years, along with their parents, with an opportunity to participate in literacy activities together.  As part of our Family Literacy initiative, the Story Hour Program provides low-income, minority and immigrant children and their parents with an opportunity to explore the benefits and enjoyment of reading together.



Summer Camp – Summer Camp provides children a safe environment where young people can discover and explore their talents, interests, and values.  YWCA Summer Camp provides children with the opportunities for constructive activities that are based upon a balanced curriculum that focuses on cognitive and social development.  Children engage in activities that foster academic enrichment, team-building skills, multicultural awareness, sportsmanship and healthy attitudes through a combination of indoor and outdoor games, trips, crafts, sports and programs. Fees for summer camp are based on a sliding scale. Click here to see brochure.



TechGYRLS® - TechGYRLS provides elementary and middle school girls with the opportunity to participate in a 12-week exploration of technology.  Students will learn to invent, design and showcase their own work in the context of developing important life skills.  TechGYRLS® is a Hallmark Program of the YWCA USA.



YW-Teens – Teenage girls and boys, ages 12-17, meet weekly to develop leadership and life skills; participate in field trips, group discussions, community service; and learn about the prevention of substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancy and school delinquency.  YW-Teens provide a safe and supportive place for the adolescents to interact with their peers in a positive way while stressing the importance of school attendance and academic achievement.


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