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Welfare Reform

The YWCA supports an anti-poverty approach to welfare reform that increases education and training opportunities, opposes marriage promotion/incentives, restores benefits to legal immigrants, addresses barriers to self-sufficiency and provides affordable and accessible child care.

Increasing Womens Income

The YWCA supports initiatives to increase the income of women, including policies that raise the minimum wage, protect overtime, strengthen equal pay, maintain the earned income tax credit, oppose the privatization of social security, and expand non-traditional training for women from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds

Affordable, Accessible Early Childhood Education:

The YWCA supports quality, affordable and accessible early childhood education that assists adults in moving towards economic independence and provides children with culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate activities that enable children to succeed in school.

Economic Advancement Pilot Program

Here in San Bernardino, we have implemented a pilot program in our brand new computer lab.  In collaboration with Valley College and Foster Youth Services, we are offering Microsoft application classes.  Check back for details as the pilot progresses and we make decisions regarding its success and continuation.

Pilot Program Staffing Schedule

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