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The Child Care Nurse Consultant is a professional nurse who provides health and safety services for children in all child care settings including centers, homes, and friends and family. This grant funded program is provided through a partnership of the Illinois Department of Human Services, Winnebago County Health Department and YWCA Child Care Solutions. The Child Care Nurse Consultant provides service to the counties of Winnebago, Boone, Jo Davies and Stephenson.


The Child Care Nurse Consultant:


· Provides education on health and safety topics to child care providers, parents, and young children.

· Develops community partnerships and educates providers and parents on asthma.

· Works with parents and providers and to increase needed immunizations and prevent communicable disease.

· Provides child development screening consultation and tools.

· Supports providers, families and children with special needs in child care settings.

· Addresses need for increasing activity and healthy eating for children.

· Works to ensure safe indoor and outdoor play areas.

· Provides technical assistance for child care provider health and safety questions.

· Assists providers with health and safety policy development.

· Promotes safe sleep for babies.

· Visits child care providers.

· Provides consultation on health and safety standards as well as emergency preparedness.



 Health and Safety Resources

Selected Communicable Diseases In Child Care Settings Handbook 2013 

(Provided by YWCA Child Care Solutions and the WInnebago County Health Department)

DCFS Day Care Child Examination Form (updated Nov. 2013)

DCFS Child Examination Form FAQ

Immunization Schedule (updated 11-06-13) 

Immunization Schedule (Spanish)

State of Illinois Eye Exam Form

Guidelines for Nurse's in a School Setting

Dental Information Form

Proof of Dental Exam

How to Obtain a Birth Certificate

Radon Laws for Day Cares in Illinois



SIDS-Setting a Sleeping Position Policy for your Child Care Program

SIDS-Emergency Procedures for an Unresponsive Infant


Toilet Training

Toilet Training Guidelines for Child Care Providers

Toilet Training Policy Template

State of Illinois Eye Exam Form


 Lead Laws

What you should know about lead exposure

Houskeeping tips tp reduce lead exposure

Renovate Right

Landlord's guide for working safely with lead

Childhood Lead Assessment Questionnaire

Updated Lead Levels (11-06-13)







Questions for our nurse consultant may be directed to Joyce Bass at 815.484.9442 ext. 215.





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