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Infant Toddler Specialist



The Infant Toddler Specialist is an experienced child care professional who provides curriculum consultations, current infant toddler practice trainings, site evaluations, information and resources for meeting State guidelines and information about Gateway Infant Toddler Credentials to providers of child care in centers and home day care. The Infant Toddler Specialist provides service to the counties of Winnebago, Boone, Jo Davies and Stephenson.


The Infant Toddler Specialist:


·         Provides education on current Infant Toddler practices to child care providers


·         Provides on-site technical assistance based on assessments of the Infant Toddler Program


·         Provides on-site assessments of Infant Toddler programs


·         Provides trainings on Infant Toddler topics and needs based on community needs


·         Visits child care providers


·         Provides resources to child care providers on current Infant Toddler practices


·         Assists child care providers with developing and implementing improvement plans


·         Provides information to providers interested in the Gateways Infant Toddler Credential.


Educational Sessions are now Available for all Child Care Providers


Educational sessions are now available to all Child Care Centers and Family Day Care Homes free of charge. The Infant Toddler Specialist will come to your site to provide the session. After completion of the session you will receive a 1-hour certificate that is accepted by DCFS for training hours.Sessions can be arranged for subjects not listed that interest your program, please call for more details.


Available Topics:

  • Biting-Why? And how to Help Stop Biting?
  • Infant Toddler Literacy-Choosing Books appropriate for the age/To Read or Not to Read…
  • Baby Brain Games-Fun and stimulating activities for Infants and Toddlers
  • Transitions-How to make transitions move smoothly
  • How to Get Parents More Involved
  • Infant Toddler Classrooms-How to maximize your space and set up


Sessions can be arranged for subjects not listed that interest your program, please call for more details.




Questions for our Infant Toddler Specialist may be directed to Juliette Kula at 815.484.9442 ext. 228.




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