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Stand Against Racism

Friday, April 27th

at the Vermont Statehouse at 11:00 A.M.

Join YWCA Vermont as Governor Shumlin will officially proclaim that Vermont Stands Against Racism! We will join approximately a quarter of a million people around the country who will be standing against racism with YWCAs in their own communities, all on the same day.  

In light of recent events in Burlington, around Vermont, and around the nation in this is a tremendous opportunity for communities to unite, and for individuals to demonstrate our commitment to creating equity at every level, from our interpersonal relationships to our public policies. Stand Against Racism is powerful in part because it names the root issue, “racism,” out loud—we can speak in other settings of diversity, of equity, and of access—but until we really tackle the issue head on, we will continue to encounter obstacles and distractions.

Please spread the word, and join us for an historic moment in our movements for racial justice—whether you are standing for Trayvon, for BHS youth or entirely for yourself, we hope to see you there!

Your school, business, or community grouop can become a "Participating Site" of the National Stand Against Racism, you may host your own “Stand” at your location. It could be private or public. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to organize a Stand. To learn more about the national movement please visit

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