Becky Hines

Vice President, Member Services

Becky Hines

As vice president of member services, Becky Hines leads a team comprised of two units: member services and capacity building. The member services unit supports local YWCAs with resources, referrals, connections, and guidance on YWCA operations, while the capacity building unit works more intensively with a smaller portfolio of YWCA associations to provide direct support to address identified association needs for a specified time frame. Becky works together with both units to provide a continuum of services to local associations focused on building stronger local YWCAs.

Becky has served the YWCA for over 35 years at the local, regional, and national levels. She began her career with the YWCA as a child care teacher at YWCA McLean County in Illinois and discovered an organization with a mission that spoke to her personally and provided opportunities that allowed her to continue to grow professionally. Becky is an experienced nonprofit leader and administrator and enjoys working with local YWCAs on how to think about utilizing collaborations and strategic restructuring to build capacity and increase mission impact.

Becky holds a B.A. and an M.B.A., both from Illinois State University. She is based in Bloomington, Illinois.


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