Families Belong Together and Free

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TAKE ACTION NOW to Protect Immigrant Women, Children, and Families

As an organization committed to racial and gender justice, and as one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the country, we at YWCA know how crucial it is to take a stand against injustice. We refuse to stand by silently while policies that harm women, families, and communities of color are enacted.

YWCAs across the country have always opened their doors and provided resources to women, children, and families who are in need. We have always pressed forward and demanded change. Across the country, in small towns and big cities, YWCAs are continuing that important legacy by offering support to the immigrant families being impacted and traumatized by cruel anti-immigrant policies, including the Administration’s “zero tolerance” prosecution policy, its decision to deny asylum to survivors of violence, and the increased profiling and criminalization of immigrant families and communities of color.

YWCA Position

YWCA USA is committed to keeping families together and free and supports immigration legislation and policies that reunify families, provide trauma-informed care and support to impacted individuals and families, protect survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and provide a path to citizenship for the nearly 3.6 million DACA recipients. We stand united with the thousands of women, children, and families we serve daily, who all deserve opportunity and safety.

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