Another Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health

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Another Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health

For Immediate Release

The White House has announced a proposed rule that expands the religious exemption to the federal requirement that health insurance plans include birth control coverage. The rule is open for public comment until December 5, 2017.


“This is yet another shameful attempt by the Trump administration to deny women access to a full range of reproductive health care services and is part of a larger erosion of the rights of women. Improved access to birth control has empowered women, especially those of color, to have more control over their reproductive health and personal decisions regarding if and when to have children. But this rule will allow any employer, school, or insurance provider, to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage for religious or moral reasons with no regard for the beliefs, needs or health of the woman. It will roll back the rights of women and threaten the health and safety of many who cannot afford to pay out of pocket for health services excluded from coverage. Access to the full range of reproductive health services—including access to contraception—is critical for women’s overall health and must be protected.”


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