YWCA Statement on the Mass Shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue

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YWCA Statement on the Mass Shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue

The following is a joint statement from YWCA USA and YWCA Greater Pittsburgh Board of Directors and Senior Leadership:

We continue to offer our sincerest condolences to the individuals, families, friends, neighbors, and loved ones affected by the tragedy in Pittsburgh this past weekend. We offer our full support to the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and the organizations working to assist them as they begin their journey towards healing.

Saturday’s incident is further proof that work remains to be done in Pittsburgh. We acknowledge that Saturday’s attack was the culmination of a series of events last week fueled by hateful rhetoric, bigotry, and intolerance. We must continue to be outraged by all lives lost due to violence, hate, and white supremacy, and work to eliminate all forms of discrimination.

For our partners and providers working closely with our beneficiaries impacted by this violence, several comprehensive resource lists are circulating. We have provided links to a few of them here:

We are asking our network of supporters to join us in contributing to the local Victims of Terror Fund. These funds will be used for psychological services, support for families, general services, reconstruction, security in the community, medical bills for individuals involved in the attack, and any other counseling or supportive services necessary for the local community to heal from this trauma. United Way of Allegheny County will match all contributions to the Victims of Terror Fund 100% up to $100,000.

We will not be intimidated by this act of violence, and we will continue to fight each day to end all forms of discrimination in Pittsburgh, and across the country. For over 150 years, we have worked to strengthen our communities by showing up for one another and working to root out hate and violence—we won’t stop now. Everyone must take responsibility and direct action in speaking out against the rising tide of hatred and intolerance in the United States.