Your Secret Tool to Revenue

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Your Secret Tool to Revenue

Episode #10 – August 29, 2019

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This week, YWCA USA CEO Alejandra Y. Castillo is joined by Donielle Eldridge, Founder and CEO of Her Momentum. They discuss finding the right partners to spur collaboration for revenue growth. This episode will also help listeners execute their mission and develop a pathway to long-term profits by learning about resource partners in various industries.

Donielle found that throughout her career she would look around the room to see if the leaders looked like her, and the answer was usually no. As a woman of color in the historically male-dominated field of consulting, this was no surprise. Like most professional women of color she learned to progress in spite of the status quo. But, after years of climbing the corporate ladder and experiencing the challenges of intersectionality, she eventually decided it was time to disrupt the status quo and launch Her Momentum. With a mission to cultivate a career brand for women of color to shape their own narratives, create opportunity, celebrate excellence, and leverage their collective power.