Secure the Joy: Making Time to Live Your Best Life

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Secure the Joy: Making Time to Live Your Best Life

Episode #26

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Host: Alejandra Y. Castillo

Guests: Brigid Schulte

Brigid-Schulte-OYBWhy are we so obsessed with being busy? When do we make time for joy? How can we further incorporate play into hectic lives that demand caretaking, jobs, and other obligations?

Brigid Schulte, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, the director of The Better Life, and this week’s guest on Organize Your Butterflies seeks to answer these questions throughout her work and life every single day. Schulte, the New York Times bestselling author of Overwhelmed, Work, Love and Play when No one has the Time, offers her perspective on work-life culture, the art and science of living a full and healthy life, and incorporating more than just productivity tips to help manage it all.

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