Women Will Be A Driving Force in 2020!

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Women Will Be A Driving Force in 2020!

The stage is set for women to be a driving force in 2020.

This year, the nation will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave some women the right to vote, and the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which later expanded critical voting rights and protections for women and people of color.

Not only is 2020 a big year for our nation, but it’s also a big year for YWCA and we thought, why not launch a monthly newsletter to keep everyone updated on our work? Each month, we will feature information, toolkits, and other resources designed to spread awareness about the work we do at YWCA every day to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote justice and dignity for all.

We are geared up to embark on our largest civic engagement campaign ever. This month, we are organizing a YWomenVote 2020 Road Tour, our annual Stand Against Racism campaign, the 2020 Census, and more.

Whether you organize, advocate, vote, or serve your communities, we need you on our team. Join us as we continue to get up and do the work until injustice is rooted out, until institutions are transformed, until the world sees women, girls, and people of color as we do: Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable.

We know that we are stronger together. The journey that we’re on in 2020 is one that we need to be on together. We’re hoping to reach 10 million women and a larger team is need to embrace our mission. Together we will make 2020 the most impactful year yet.


Alejandra Y. Castillo


What do women across American have in common? More than you think.

New data from our national, nonpartisan survey of women in the United States explored their economic, health, gender-based violence, workplace equity, and racial justice concerns and priorities. What did we learn? Despite national political discourse that highlights they country’s pisions, women possess deep alignment and shared interests across age, race, ethnicity, education and political affiliation.

According to YWomenVote 2020, 85% of women are almost “certain to vote” in 2020, while 78% of women believe this next election will have a big impact on themselves and their families. Women are poised to continue their record voting turnout rates.

Learn more about our survey and this potential road map for thought-leaders, policymakers, and political candidates on our blog.

We know how crucial it is for women to vote, in particular women and girls of color, this election season and beyond. In this video, women share why voting is critical for their families and their communities.


Census 2020: We all count. #YWomenCount is YWCA’s national campaign to support the 2020 Census. YWCA is a trusted voice to some of the most vulnerable communities in the country. Through this campaign, we will make sure our communities are counted fairly and accurately in 2020.

Check out our #YWomenCount toolkit to learn about our census campaign; access resources to plan census involvement in your community; and find downloadable #YWomenCount resources like stickers, pledge-to-count cards, and posters!

Take the pledge to count in the 2020 census! We all count. Everyone.


At YWCA, we take a Stand Against Racism every day by raising awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism and by building community among those who work for racial justice. We also host an annual campaign to provide an opportunity for our associations across the country to highlight a special issue or cause that inspired them to take a stand against racism, and to educate, advocate, and promote racial justice. Take our pledge to Stand Against Racism.

During this year’s campaign – April 23 – 26, 2020, – we invite groups to organize events around racial justice issues that pose barriers to civic engagement for communities of color. We encourage you to explore how the tools of civic engagement can be used to advance the work of justice in your community and to empower people of color. Get access to resources for this year’s campaign toolkit by registering here.

Stand Against Racism Icon

Organize Your Butterflies

Why did we name our podcast Organize Your Butterflies? We have Dorothy Height to thank for this totally cool name. Learn why and more about it here.

Please subscribe to our podcast and learn more about the ways women are working to organize, strategize, and mobilize around issues like equal pay, domestic violence, entrepreneurship, and more. We “organize our butterflies” to create change and build a better future for women, families, and our communities. #YWCAButterflies

Organize Your Butterflies is available wherever you subscribe to podcasts, including:


Organize Your Butterflies

YWCA Data Map

YWCA works to improve the lives of women, girls and people of color through advocacy, local programming and services every day.

Learn more about where our associations are located nationwide and the work they do on our YWCA Map: A National Footprint of Women’s Empowerment.

Data Map

YWCA Spotlights: The Work We Do

This month, our spotlight is shared by two YWCA associations for the work they do with creating affordable housing for survivors of domestic violence, women and families, veterans and the elderly. YWCA of Greater Newburyport and YWCA Cass Clay have created over 80 new units of affordable housing in their communities. YWCA is the largest provider of domestic violence services. This work strives to help people who are looking to improve their lives through safe and affordable housing.

YWCA of Greater Newburyport

The YWCA of Greater Newburyport has been providing women in Massachusetts with safe and affordable housing since 1885. In 2019 they completed a new 42-unit facility for families. “It’s really rewarding seeing families go in,” said John Feehan, Executive Director of YWCA Greater Newburyport. “It’s a dent, unfortunately. But for the 42 families it’s transformative.” Read more.

YWCA Cass Clay

This summer, YWCA Cass Clay unveiled a new $7.1 million permanent supportive residence named Grace Garden in West Fargo, North Dakota. “The structure is complete. The rebuilding of lives begins. Here, inpiduals and their families will be empowered to reach a state of stability and live free of fear,” said YWCA Cass Clay CEO Erin Prochnow. Read more.

Upcoming Events and Important Date

  • January 18 – Women’s March (Learn more)
  • January 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Learn more)
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month; YWCA Celebrates 31 Days of Social Impact for Women
  • April 23 – 26: YWCAs 14th Annual Stand Against Racism

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