Extensions for the Table: Using Experience as Motivation for Change

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Extensions for the Table: Using Experience as Motivation for Change

Episode #30

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Host: Alejandra Y. Castillo

Guests: Virginia Kase,CEO of the League of Women Voters and Helen Archontou, CEO YWCA Northern New Jersey

Growing up in low-income community in Hartford, CT, this week’s Organize Your Butterflies guest was inspired to build a better for the future for her community, locally, and nationally. Today, Virginia Kase is the CEO of the League of Women Voters, and believes that growing up without resources has taught her to work creatively to find solutions. In this discussion, Host Alejandra Y. Castillo and Virginia delve into how the past 100 years of women’s work has been a down-payment on the future, and how important it is that every person (regardless of background) has the ability, the right, and the opportunity to participate in the shaping of this country.

Episode 30’s Spotlight is on YWCA Northern New Jersey (formerly, YWCA Bergen County), where they are fearlessly led by CEO Helen Archontou. Helen has worked tirelessly to ensure that the needs of the greater community are recognized and encompassed with this name change. At YWCA Northern New Jersey, they know that consistency is the best way to achieve the “synergy of greatness” and strive to accomplish this every day. For her hard work, Helen has been named as one of New Jersey’s Most Powerful Women on Senator Loretta Weinberg’s 2019 Women Power List. Congratulations Helen! For more on YWCA Northern NJ, follow along on Twitter @ywcannj and follow Helen @ywcannj_ceo!