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Until Justice Just Is: Understanding the Implications of COVID-19 for Kids of Color with Dr. Joelle Simpson

Episode #55

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Host: Alejandra Y. Castillo, CEO of YWCA USA
Guest: Dr. Joelle Simpson, Children’s National Hospital

Dr. Joelle SimpsonJoin expert guest, Dr. Joelle Simpson, Medical Director of Emergency Preparedness, Program Director of Emergency Medical Services for Children – D.C. Program, and Emergency Medicine Physician at Children’s National Hospital, and host, Alejandra Y. Castillo, CEO of YWCA USA, as they explore how COVID-19 is affecting children, this back-to-school season, and communities of color. Listen in as the two discuss: how the virus displays in children; paying special attention to a child’s mental health during this particularly isolating time; how to be a responsible partner in your community; and how the virus is disproportionately impacting communities of color. Dr. Simpson also talks about her passion for healthcare, and her advice for aspiring women of color looking to break into the medical profession.

For more information on Dr. Simpson, visit https://childrensnational.org/visit/find-a-provider/joelle-simpson and be sure to check out Children’s National Hospital for more information on how they’re keeping their community – and country – healthy through ground-breaking research, patient care, and partnering with their neighbors.