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Week Without Violence: Me Too and the Evolving Movement to Interrupt and Eradicating Sexual Violence with Dani Ayers

Episode #57

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Host: Alejandra Y. Castillo, CEO of YWCA USA
Dani Ayers is the Chief Executive Officer of the “Me Too” Movement

Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault are serious and widespread issues that are often used to instill fear, humiliate, or punish; destroy lives, families, and communities; or enforce power dynamics. These previously taboo issues have now been put in the public spotlight and have sparked many new and important conversations due to the “Me Too” movement’s widespread influence around the world.

In this episode, Dani Ayers is the Chief Executive Officer of the “Me Too” Movement, talks about interrupting and eradicating sexual violence to empowering survivors of sexual assault, supporting and activating survivors, and the future of the movement.

Be sure to follow the me too. movement on Twitter at @MeTooMVMT and join in on the conversation using #MeToo. Learn more about YWCA resources for survivors of gender-based and sexual violence by visiting our website at ywca.org.

This episode also spotlights the work of YWCA Bucks County. Executive Director, Guillaume Stewart talks about the ways this local association shows up to provide food pantries, housing resources, computer classes, and so much more for their local community.