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A Week Without Violence: #StopStreetHarassment with Sophie Sandberg, Founder of CatCalls of NYC

Episode #58

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Host: Alejandra Y. Castillo
Guest: Sophie Sandberg, Founder of Catcalls of NYC

Catcalls of NYC is a grassroots initiative that uses public chalk art to raise awareness about gender-based street harassment. In this episode, host Alejandra Y. Castillo chats with founder of the movement, Sophie Sandberg, discusses the origins of the movement, the art of chalking, feminism, and taking the conversation about harassment internationally.

The goal? To spur dialogue, provide a platform for story sharing, and promote cultural change. Follow CatCalls of NYC Instagram @catcallsofnyc to read powerful stories from brave individuals and to learn how to start a CatCalls movement in your city.