YWCA USA Statement on Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado

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YWCA USA Statement on Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado

In response to the mass shooting that took place in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday evening, Elisha Rhodes, Interim CEO, YWCA USA has issued the following statement:

“Our deepest condolences are with the families and friends of those killed or injured in the horrific shootings in Boulder, Colorado, and with all Americans affected every day by the horrors of hate and gun violence.

While there is a great deal that we don’t know about the motive in this case, for the second time in one week our nation is once again processing yet another mass shooting in our nation, making it clearer than ever — tragic incidents of gun violence have plagued our country for far too long.

We call on the administration to provide safety from gun violence by issuing policies that: keep guns out of the hands of perpetrators of domestic violence stalking, and other interpersonal violence; eliminate access to automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition; protect students from the danger of school shootings; and strengthens methods for screening and removing firearms from individuals who pose a significant risk of danger to others.  In addition, we ask that legislative restrictions on gun data collection and sharing be removed, allowing gun trace data to be used in academic research or utilized in civil litigation against gun dealers or manufacturers.

All Americans, especially people of color, should feel safe in spas, grocery stores, schools, churches, and in their own communities. Gun violence is an epidemic, and the time is now for our legislators to implement common sense regulations to keep our communities safe. Enough is enough.”