Action Alert: Call Congress Now About Debt Negotiation!

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Action Alert: Call Congress Now About Debt Negotiation!

Call Congress Now!

“As for additional revenue, I don’t see a reasonable solution to our long-term problem without it.”
~Peter G. Peterson, Fiscal Conservative

Monday, President Obama spoke to the nation regarding the debt talks in Washington. Calling on leaders of both parties to continue negotiations, the President laid out why he believed a balanced approach to addressing the debt must include both spending cuts and raising revenue. Yet, the very next day, both the House and Senate released plans that included only spending cuts, and no revenues.

If you support a balanced, responsible approach to debt reduction contact your members of Congress and tell them!


Call your members of Congress toll-free at 1-888-907-1485. You will need to make three calls: one to each of your two Senators and one to your Representative.


“My name is _________ and I am a constituent. I urge the Representative/Senator to stand firm in support of a compromised, balanced approach to debt reduction.

The Representative/Senator must support a debt reduction package that includes revenues and cuts to military spending- not just cuts to programs that help women, children and families.

Finally, I would appreciate it if I can receive a written response from the Representative/Senator regarding my call. Thank you.”


The current debate is tied to a vote needed on August 2 to increase the federal authority to borrow (the “debt ceiling”). Many Republicans and some Democrats have threatened to vote against an increase in the debt ceiling if there isn’t a deficit reduction plan attached.

If the debt ceiling is NOT raised, the U.S. will be unable to pay many of their bills — obligations already made by the Congress in past budgets. There will be very bad consequences for our fragile economy.